UNDERMINE: New Album Announcement

UNDERMINE: New Album Announcement

6th August 2021 0 By Jon Deaux

Undermine is proud to present their sophomore album “As Above” the follow-up to their debut album Lost Funerals. A local cow-punk band from Austin, Texas, their second album As Above was completed during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic and is finally seeing its anticipated release this Halloween 2021. A year in the making we are ecstatic to be able to present to you this passion project created during this past turbulent year.

“During the day the band members are building skyscrapers in the Austin City Skyline, that they cannot afford to stay in or working in hot kitchens when outside the temperature is 110 degrees. Undermine strikes and bites at the motto of “Potior Praelium Putatus;” a personal self-declaring allocation that you could translate from Latin into “Fuck, Fight, or Hold the light.”

Spreading Cowpunk in Austin, Texas, the Undermine band took shape from the roots of Austin’s living legends such as The Dicks, The Huns, 13th-Floor Elevators, Blaze, and Butthole Surfers.

Eclectically distorted and infected by reality, this band prefers to self-define themselves, as one that is nowhere near as good. But considering the plethora of wannabe artists, aspiring rap stars, or 70s rock n roll cover bands raging out there, Undermines unique and eclectic touch is a sure-hitting delivery. Sticking in your mind and ears, their message is difficult to forget or to remain unnoticed.

Cody Cassell creates punk anthems for the riotous Undermine, writing songs that others could tend to decline blandly on plastic and wooden beats. Throwing intense Molotov s capable of exalting even the sleepiest of apathetic listeners, Undermine has nothing to share with cliché bands that struggle to appear tough and intellectual through a glossy patina.


FFO The Dicks, The Huns, 13th-floor Elevators, Blaze and Butthole Surfers



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