Vandenberg-Sin – CD Review

Vandenberg-Sin – CD Review

12th August 2023 0 By Kevin McCallum

The hugely successful quality release ‘2020’ from Vandenberg was the great spur to get Adrian and his talented musicians back into the face of the rock world. So here we are in 2023 with the highly anticipated next installment, ‘Sin’.


It’s a solid 9 track release on the Mascot Records Label featuring Adrian Vandenberg- Guitar, Mats Leven- Vocals, Randy van der Elsen- Bass, and Koen Herfst- Drums


The album opener ‘Thunder And Lightning’ hits you right where it matters, with big vocals from Matt and powerful support work from Koen and Randy. It’s a good track with big guitar lines from Adrian and wouldn’t be out of place opening up a live set from the band.


‘House Of Fire’ keeps the momentum going, a bit deeper and darker guitar work in parts sounds great though, a steady classic rock style tune.


Vocally the band has changed a lot since the very early days when they had Bert Heerink as the frontman. In place for the previous album was Ronnie Romero, now we have Swedish Mats Leven formerly of Candlemass/Yngwie Malmsteen/Therion/Treat delivering the euphonious treat. He’s the only change from the ‘2020’ lineup.


‘Sin’, the title track quietly draws you in through whispered vocals and guitar playing, then boom! it hits you. Power with a symphonic metal edge in parts. Adrian shines in this one with a series of great short solos that start just over halfway in.

The next track ‘Light It Up’ has a definite California metal vibe to it and wouldn’t be out of place in the Sunset Strip hangouts. This is a great song, has the best vocals from Matt and brilliant guitar work from Adrian, as of course, you would expect.
I’ve followed Vandenberg from pre-Adrians’ move to Whitesnake and had always been impressed by the earlier tracks, however, the newer material shows a quality that cuts it with the best out there. ‘2020’ was a belter of an album and so far ‘Sin’ is an able follow-up.

‘Walking on Water’ the middle track on the album is a good rock song and advocates Matt’s prolific vocal range. Speeds you up, slows you down, is moody in parts and delivers an atmospheric vibe.


Track 6 is ‘Burning Skies’, this is styled differently from the other tracks, with Adrian bringing in a Schenker-esque guitar tone in parts, which works well. It sets a good pace and for me is one of the best on the album. Another aspect that shines right through ‘Sin’ is the steady work from Randy and Koen which is strongly featured on this track.


‘Hit The Ground Running’ is right out of the top drawer from Adrian and the guys. Powerful, stylish, and delivers quality from all parts of the band at the right time. Has Adrian’s best guitar work from the outset. Doesn’t let you rest is fast from beginning to end, top song for me.


Back down to rest with the ballad ‘Baby You’ve Changed’, yep has all the parts in the right place.

The final track ‘Out Of The Shadows’ has a sublime opening vocal sequence then you’re right into the powerful music that has been the driver of this album throughout.


This is overall a great release from Vandenberg. Be aware you won’t get to relax and rest until track 8, then you’re back into it for the close. Album favorites for me are ‘Hit The Ground Running’, ‘Sin’, ‘Burning Skies’, ‘House of Fire’ and ‘Light It Up’. Put it in your shopping basket, you won’t be disappointed.

 Score 8/10
Track List
1. Thunder And Lightning
2. House On Fire
3. Sin
4. Light It Up
5. Walking On Water
6. Burning Skies
7. Hit The Ground Running
8. Baby You’ve Changed
9. Out Of The Shadows

Label: Mascot Records
25th August 2023

For all things Vandenberg, click HERE, and to purchase the album, click HERE


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