Various Artists – Fool’s Gold: Lux And Ivy Dig Those Novelty Tunes – Review

Various Artists – Fool’s Gold: Lux And Ivy Dig Those Novelty Tunes – Review

10th March 2022 0 By Jon Deaux

Fools Gold has to be one of Lux and Ivys most bizarre compilation yet. Not only does it include what is possibly the worst record ever, (The Legendary Stardust CowboyParalyzed) but some anti rabbit propaganda (I Hate Rabbits by Jerry Neal) This is as madcap as it gets (for now) from the legends archive.

Fools Gold is an eclectic mix of beatnik (Edd Byrnes Kookie’s Mad Pad) rockabilly (The Empalas – Smoochin’ In The Sewer With Louie) and the weird (Tony Burrello – There’s A New Sound (The Sound Of Worms))

It’s not often you come across a compilation album that has exactly what it says on the tin. This truly is a compilation of the novelty kind. But it’s essential listening and a throwback to tunes you would hear on a Saturday morning back in the 50’s and 60’s. 

This is not just nostalgia, this is a slice of history and one that needs preserving and thanks to Lux, Ivy and Righteous, it is.

It’s kitsch at it’s very best.

There is an abundance of tracks on this CD to put a smile on your face.
Score 8/10
Track List
1 – Spike Jones – Pimples And Braces
2 – The Legendary Stardust Cowboy – Paralyzed
3 – Edd Byrnes – Kookie’s Mad Pad
4 – Danny Kaye – Mommy, Gimme a Drinka Water
5 – Eugene Fox – The Sinner’s Dream
6 – Brian Hyland – Cozy Little Compact Car
7 – The Playmates – Beep Beep
8 – Tony Burrello – There’s A New Sound (The Sound Of Worms)
9 – Sheb Wooley- The Purple People Eater
10 – The Five Blobs – The Blob
11 – Hugh Barrett And The Victors – Fungus Among Us
12 – Dicky Doo And The Don’ts – Nee Nee Nana Nunu
13 – Blue Chips – One Hen-Two Ducks- Three Squawking Geese
14 – Jerry Neal – I Hates Rabbits
15 – Glenn And Christy – Wombat Twist
16 – Bobby Borda Five – Mad – Part One
17 – Sidney And The Chimps – Blah!
18 – The Joker – What Is a Fisterris
19 – Jim Backus – Delicious!
20 – Dicky Doo And The Don’ts – No Chemise Please!
21 – Cindy Malone – Weird Beard
22 – Oscar Brown Jr – But I Was Cool
23 – Googie Rene – Big Foot
24 – Kookie Kat – Neow, Not Neow
25 – The Empalas – Smoochin’ In The Sewer With Louie
Label – Righteous
Release – 25th March 2022

To purchase the album, click HERE

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