Vicious Rumors: The Atlantic Years, 3CD Deluxe Digipak – Review

Vicious Rumors: The Atlantic Years, 3CD Deluxe Digipak – Review

20th September 2022 1 By Jon Deaux

I’ve been a massive fan of Vicious Rumors since Digital Dictator hit may ears way back in 1988. Geoff Thorpe immediately became one of my guitar heroes and has stayed that way for many many years. 

Vicious Rumors came out of the Bay Area scene along with the likes of Exodus and Testament, and like Testament feature a more melodic sound with shred guitar.

This 3 CD set houses the 3 albums the band did with Atlantic Records which are brilliant in every way shape and form. From bang on production to the song writing (especially on the album Welcome To The Ball) to all out shredtastic guitar work from Geoff Thorpe.

The 2 studio albums are  superb and the new liner notes from Dom Lawson and Geoff Thorpe are a real eye opener. 

The live album Plug In and Hold On is bitter sweet. Vicious Rumors were riding high after a successful tour with label mates Savatage at this time when , sadly Geoff was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which resulted in surgery and a year off. The band were subsequently dropped. 

Although Carl Alberts is no longer with us, (he was killed in a car accident just after the release of their 1995 album Word Of Mouth). The albums contained in this set show Carl in great vocal form and the band on fire (which you can hear on the live 11 minute version of Lady Took a Chance on the Plug in and Hold On CD).

These are among my favorite albums from this era of Vicious Rumors. There’s not a bad track on these albums. It pains me to say all killer and no filler, but that basically sums these up.

If you like your metal heavy, rhythmic with plenty of guitar melodies and a catchy hook, you cannot go wrong with Vicious Rumors. Keep an eye out for 2023 tour dates as well.
Score 8/10
Track List
CD 1 – Vicious Rumors
1 Don’t Wait For Me
2 World Church
3 On The Edge
4 Ship Of Fools
5 Can You Hear It
6 Down To The Temple
7 Hellraiser
8 Electric Twilight
9 Thrill of the Hunt
10 Axe and Smash

CD 2 – Welcome To The Ball
1 Abandoned
2 You Only Live Twice
3 Savior From Anger
4 Children
5 Dust To Dust
6 Raise Your Hands
7 Strange Behavior
8 Six Stepsisters
9 Mastermind
10 When Love Comes Down
11 Ends of the Earth

CD 3 – Plug In And Hang On – Live in Tokyo
1 Abandoned (Live in Tokyo)
2 Savior From Anger (Live in Tokyo)
3 Down To The Temple (Live in Tokyo)
4 Ship of Fools (Live in Tokyo)
5 Lady Took A Chance (Live in Tokyo)
6 When Love Comes Down (Live in Tokyo)
7 March or Die (Live in Tokyo)
8 Don’t Wait For Me (Live in Tokyo)

Label – Dissonance
Release – 30rd September 2020

For all things Vicious Rumors, click HERE and to purchase the album, click HERE


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