Video Premiere: VELCROS “Secret State” (feat. Members of AUA, RADARE, OKTA LOGUE)

Video Premiere: VELCROS “Secret State” (feat. Members of AUA, RADARE, OKTA LOGUE)

6th July 2023 0 By John Deaux

After witnessing a memorable performance by Texas punk band Radioactivity at one of Leipzig’s infamous DIY venues, fellow musicians Fabian Bremer, Nicolai Hildebrandt, and Manuel Markstein felt the need to form a band to rediscover the raw and visceral energy they just had experienced. This evening laid the groundwork for what soon should become VELCROS. It was a pivotal moment, especially for Bremer and Hildebrandt, who once thrashed together in the short-lived hardcore outfit Sarg, which disbanded in 2013. The formation of VELCROS brought everything full circle—a fitting return to their punk roots.


For those familiar with the member’s current and past bands—AUA, Radare, Okta Logue, and Wayste, to name a few—the sound of VELCROS might come as a surprise. Their debut EP “Spit Takes” is not a continuation but rather a refreshing divergence: while some of their projects lean heavily into cultivating mood, atmosphere, and soundscapes, VELCROS takes a distinct turn. Here, the song is the focus, center-stage, and stealing the spotlight. In terms of structure and arrangement, VELCROS find inspiration in the classic sounds of the late 1960s and ’70s: the Beatles, Hot Snakes, Buzzcocks, Wipers, and Big Star—all of them echo subtly in the universe of VELCROS. It’s the spirit of this era of glorious songwriting that the band aims to capture. While their influences are clear, they are not interested in imitation—instead, they inject those inspirations into a sound that is distinctly their own.

Spit Takes” brings five songs that burst with energy, enthusiasm, and creative exuberance. Take “Secret State”, the fast-paced opener with breakneck drums, relentless downstroke guitars, and an irresistibly catchy chorus, merging Tom Petty’s charisma with the Wipers’ raw energy. Or the mid-tempo track “Bad Device”, fusing garage spirit with Beatles-inspired songwriting, balancing the band’s melancholic undertone with fiery aggression and sizzling guitar solos. Or finally, the hypnotic fade-out ending of “Astronomical”, which combines Thin Lizzy-esque twin guitars and the lighthearted pop appeal of Wavves.

Spit Takes” presents the band’s first-ever recorded material, released exclusively on tape by Crazysane Records as a teaser for their debut LP to follow in winter 2023/24. The songs were recorded, mixed, and mastered by producer Magnus Wichmann at Lala Studios in Leipzig, while VELCROS’ own Fabian Bremer, who did commission works for acts like Anika, Kadavar, and Tocotronic, was responsible for the artwork.

The physical and digital release of “Spit Takes” is set for July 28, 2023.
Stream the single on your favorite platform HERE

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