Vomit The Soul Drops New Single “Bloodtime” & Chilling Music Video

Vomit The Soul Drops New Single “Bloodtime” & Chilling Music Video

2nd May 2024 0 By Jon Deaux

Italian death metal vanguards, Vomit The Soul, have released another intense sonic assault today with the release of their latest single “Bloodtime“, drawn from their much-anticipated album, ‘Massive Incineration‘, slated for release on June 7th via Unique Leader Records. The track comes accompanied by a haunting music video, filmed in an eerie, abandoned church in Turin, Italy — a city notorious for its mystical and esoteric history. Listen to the new track HERE

The video’s setting, the desolate “Madonna of the Vineyards” church built in 1696, adds a chilling layer to the band’s ferocious sound. Legend has it that this church was once the stage for dark rituals and black masses, summoning the devil himself until contained by a Vatican-sanctioned exorcist in 1784. The exorcist’s mummified sentinels and a mysterious, dual-facing musical score rumored to imprison or release the demon, depending on its rendition, paint a backdrop as macabre as the music of Vomit The Soul.


Speaking on the creation of their latest cinematic offering, Vomit The Soul guitarist, Stefano Rossi Ciucci shares:


“The history behind this video clip is really interesting. We had to find a place to ‘put our apostles of evil and make them dominate the wandering souls’ so we found an abandoned church near Turin, Italy that fit perfectly for it. The legend says that some monks and nuns summoned the devil with dark rituals and black masses for many years. In 1784 the Vatican pope sent an exorcist that managed to defeat the demon and relegate him to one of the church’s crypts. The pontiff then had the abbey closed and the church deconsecrated. It is also said that sacred music was composed, capable of strengthening the seal that imprisoned the demon. However, this score presents a strangeness: it is two-faced. That is, it can be played either normally, reading it from top to bottom and from left to right, or on the contrary, from bottom to top and from right to left. Legend says that if it is played normally, the music will strengthen the seal imprisoning the demon, but if it is played in reverse the demon will be freed.


Knowing this story, it was particularly exciting to record the parts dressed as apostles, both inside and outside the church. The final result is dark, obscure, gloomy and perfectly describes the contents of the album. At least, the director Maurizio Del Piccolo emphasized everything by making the video chaotic and dynamic, almost bloody.”

Bloodtime” follows previously announced single “Annihilate The Infernal Army” and takes listeners on a descent into the chilling depths of human and supernatural history, wrapped in the complex, brutal soundscapes that Vomit The Soul is renowned for. Both singles serve as a formidable precursor to the full ‘Massive Incineration‘ album release on June 7th. Embrace the darkness with Vomit The Soul‘s latest creation and delve into a tale as old as time, set to the backdrop of their crushingly brutal death metal.

Vomit The Soul

Massive Incineration

Track Listing

  1. Annihilate The Infernal Army
  2. Beg For Mercy
  3. Bloodtime
  4. Call To The Abyss
  5. Church Of Losers
  6. Endless Dark Solstice
  7. Mark of Blasphemy
  8. Massive Incineration
  9. Repulsive Shores Into Oblivion
  10. Third (2024 version)

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