WARHOG Announces ‘The Dystopian Chronicles, Vol. 1’ EP and Lead Single “Hunt Of The Cybertooth”

WARHOG Announces ‘The Dystopian Chronicles, Vol. 1’ EP and Lead Single “Hunt Of The Cybertooth”

15th May 2024 0 By Jon Deaux

WARHOG is excited to announce the release of their new EP, The Dystopian Chronicles, Vol. 1, scheduled to drop on June 28th, 2024. This latest offering from the North Texas metal quartet is the first installment in a trilogy that explores the darker sides of humanity—violence, the lust for power, obsession, and deceit—through a narrative set in a dystopian future. 
Accompanying this announcement, WARHOG has unbridled the dogs of war with lead single “Hunt of the Cybertooth”. “In a dystopian futureworld plagued by crime, the only thing between you and total lawlessness is the Cybertooth,” the band explains. “Part machine, part beast, and sanctioned by the government, the Cybertooth hunts its prey by night. Criminals beware!”

“Hunt Of The Cybertooth” serves as the perfect introduction to the EP, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the sonic landscape that WARHOG has meticulously crafted. With its thunderous riffs, soaring vocals, and thought-provoking lyrics, this track encapsulates everything that fans have come to love about the band—and then some.
Formed in early 2020, WARHOG consists of Scott Beetley on vocals and guitar, Eric Kendall on guitar, Justin Hopper on bass, and Robert Powers on drums. The band blends driving, rhythmic riffs with melodic, storytelling vocals, drawing inspiration from giants like  IRON MAIDEN, BLACK SABBATH, MASTODON, PANTERA, and Brendon Small, creating a unique blend that honors traditional metal while pushing into new territories.
Described as “Strongly theatrical and atmospheric,” by Jenny Tate and “Head-noddingly addictive!” by Iron Mathew Collins, WARHOG strives to craft metal music that appeals to all listeners, not just metal enthusiasts. 
As WARHOG prepares to unveil The Dystopian Chronicles, Vol. 1, they invite fans old and new to explore this gripping new project. Each track promises to be a profound reflection on the complexities of our modern world, all set against the backdrop of an ominous dystopian future. Don’t miss this intense and immersive musical experience—mark your calendars for the release on June 28th, 2024, and experience the next chapter in WARHOG’s evolving saga. 

The Dystopian Chronicles, Volume 1 Tracklist:

  • Already There
  • Hunt of the Cybertooth
  • Emperor
  • Next
  • Downtrodden

WARHOG is a four-piece metal band hailing from North Texas. Formed in early 2020, the group spent the initial days of the pandemic tracking demos and collaborating remotely, culminating in their debut album Call of the Voyager. With a style characterized by driving, rhythmic riffs and melodic, storytelling vocals, WARHOG draws inspiration from classic metal giants such as IRON MAIDEN and BLACK SABBATH. Their mission is to create heavy music that resonates with a broad audience.

  • Scott Beetley – Vocals, Guitar
  • Eric Kendall – Guitar
  • Justin Hopper – Bass
  • Robert Powers – Drums

Connect with WARHOG:

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