Echotape – Wicked Way – CD Review

Echotape – Wicked Way – CD Review

12th July 2016 0 By Jon Deaux

Set for release on the 29th July, Echotape unleash their new & incredibly fun album Wicked Way.

11 tracks & 42 minutes of pure summer anthems. Superb for BBQs or blasting on the beach, catchy as feck & guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

The entire album is pretty much about sex, drugs, drinking & general sinning. The lead track ‘All My Days’ gives you a pretty good idea of the fun this album brings.
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What I love about this album the most is that it’s recorded & produced by the band. It gives it a more genuine feel, almost like an old school live studio recording.

The track ‘See You Soon’ has got under my skin & I find myself singing it whilst doing the dishes of all things.  A very strange earworm of a track. I can see this track live in a stadium & the crowd going nuts.
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New single ‘We’ve Been Dreaming’  is one of the quieter moments on the album but it’s still got a great vibe to it & shows a more mellow side of Echotape.
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This is a wicked album of epic proportions in the way it gets sucked into your cerebral cortex.

If you’re a fan of the Kings Of Leon you’re going to love this album. It’s the dogs bollocks of an album.
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1. All My Days
2. Whiskey Bar
3. Friend Like Me
4. Grams
5. I Got You
6. We’ve Been Dreaming
7. See You Soon
8. Little White Lies
9. Pray
10. Soul
11. Wicked Way

Pre-order the album here.
Score 8.5/10 stamp-e1378235268365

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