Echotape – Wicked Way – CD Review

Echotape – Wicked Way – CD Review

12th July 2016 0 By John Deaux

Set for release on the 29th July, Echotape unleash their new & incredibly fun album Wicked Way.

11 tracks & 42 minutes of pure summer anthems. Superb for BBQs or blasting on the beach, catchy as feck & guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

The entire album is pretty much about sex, drugs, drinking & general sinning. The lead track ‘All My Days’ gives you a pretty good idea of the fun this album brings.

What I love about this album the most is that it’s recorded & produced by the band. It gives it a more genuine feel, almost like an old school live studio recording.

The track ‘See You Soon’ has got under my skin & I find myself singing it whilst doing the dishes of all things.  A very strange earworm of a track. I can see this track live in a stadium & the crowd going nuts.

New single ‘We’ve Been Dreaming’  is one of the quieter moments on the album but it’s still got a great vibe to it & shows a more mellow side of Echotape.
This is a wicked album of epic proportions in the way it gets sucked into your cerebral cortex.

If you’re a fan of the Kings Of Leon you’re going to love this album. It’s the dogs bollocks of an album.


1. All My Days
2. Whiskey Bar
3. Friend Like Me
4. Grams
5. I Got You
6. We’ve Been Dreaming
7. See You Soon
8. Little White Lies
9. Pray
10. Soul
11. Wicked Way

Pre-order the album here.
Score 8.5/10 stamp-e1378235268365

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