William Shatner – Ponder The Mystery Revisited : A Review

William Shatner – Ponder The Mystery Revisited : A Review

31st August 2023 0 By Owen Edmonds

“Hey Owen, Do you want to review William Shatner‘s updated album?” “Yes. Yes, I Do.” That was it. I didn’t have to think twice. It didn’t matter what else I had on, I was going to review a hero of mine’s latest album. William Shatner.

Captain Kirk, T.J. Hooker himself. Come on!!! Let’s do this……

The Review

Do any of you have any idea what Mr. Shatner (as I shall refer to him throughout) sounds like? I mean he never sang as Kirk and I don’t recall that musical episode of T.J. Hooker. Maybe he sang in The Twilight Zone when confronted by the gremlin on the wing…. 

Now this isn’t a traditional rock album as you may know them, This is Mr. Shatner after all, this is more of an exercise in spoken word and rhythm.

You see Mr. Shatner doesn’t sing, he is speaking the lyrics in an almost rapping style at times. However, what is intriguing is the music that happens behind the lyrics. On this album, you have some of the very best musicians around, from Steve Vai and Al Di Meola to Edgar Winter, Rick Wakeman, and even Robby Krieger. So what you end up with is a marvelous mixture of great music and a ridiculously entertaining lyrical performance.

This is great. It just is. I don’t care what any of you say, this is brilliant.


There is a flute part in Deep Down which is beautiful. I’m a lover of the flute having grown up on Jethro Tull and this works perfectly to offset the rock-edged music and Robby Krieger’s hard guitar playing. 

Steve Vai. That’s a highlight for me, I love his playing, I always have, so inventive.

And as for Alive feat Zoot Horn Rollo, what a track. Beautifully airy and uplifting. 


There aren’t any. Well, not really. I mean sure the songs do all have the same sort of vibe to them but I don’t think that’s a problem as such. 


I mean it’s just brilliant. Put it on, imbibe whatever you fancy, and just relax whilst Mr. Shatner takes you to places that you’d never imagine. My track of the album may well be Alive, although I really like the Jeopardy in I’m Alright, I Think.

Score 9/10

Track Listing

  1. Red Shift
  2. Where It’s Gone… I Don’t Know feat Mick Jones
  3. Manhunt feat Simon House
  4. Ponder the Mystery feat Steve Vai
  5. So Am I feat Al Di Meola
  6. Change feat Rick Wakeman
  7. Sunset feat Joel Vandroogenbroeck
  8. Twilight feat Edgar Winter
  9. Rhythm of the Night feat Nik Turner
  10. Image Things feat Vince Gill
  11. So You See feat Edgar Froese
  12. Deep Down feat Robby Krieger
  13. I’m Alright, I Think feat Dave Koz
  14. Where Does Time Go feat George Duke
  15. Alive feat Zoot Horn Rollo

Label – Caroline
Release – 18th August

For all things William Shatner, click HERE, and to purchase the album, click HERE


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