Angels or Kings Interview

Written by Lindsey

We managed to get a quick interview with the UKs AOR heavy hitters, Angels or Kings

You guys just released ‘Go Ask The Moon’, how did you find the recording process for this?
Pretty much the same as Kings of Nowhere. We spent a lot of time in Steve’s studio writing the songs again. Apart from the drums, everything was recorded at Steve’s. The drums were recorded at Mad Hat just so we could get a bigger sound.  All of the mixing and mastering was done at Mad Hat. We sat down and lost ourselves in the music again for a few months.  It was great fun.

Which track do you most enjoy performing off the new album?
We have only done one gig so far with the new songs and they all got a great response. You Better Pray works great as a live song.
Who came up with the new album design, and did they have free rein to design it or did you have a specific idea in mind?
Steve designed the album cover. We thought it was cool because it reminded us of the first rocket we ever saw when we were kids. It also looks like the box lid from a 1960s kids game.
You guys have just come back from Rockingham festival, how did that go for you guys?
Rockingham was great. Well organized, full of people who support the melodic rock scene, and it was a great laugh.
Did you manage to catch any other bands while you were there, if so which bands stood out for you?
Yeah they were all good but to be honest the alcohol consumed makes my recollection a bit blurry…but they were all great!
Do you think we could see a video anytime soon?

We have just done a video for the title track Go Ask The Moon so that should be ready shortly.
How is Dan settling into the band?
Dan’s a showman so he fit in perfectly.
What has been the highlight of the year so far for you?
The highlight has been getting the album out and the feedback we are getting from it. A lot of people genuinely like it.


What’s next for the band?
We are looking at some offers we have had for live dates and hopefully we will get out play. Also there’s another couple of videos in the pipeline.
Is there anything you would like to say to your followers?
Yeah,  thanks for your constant support and for supporting the whole of the melodic rock scene in general. It keeps it alive for all of us and allows bands like us to continue putting out albums.
Check out Angels or Kings HERE
Angels or Kings Angels or Kings Angels or Kings Angels or Kings

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