Biotoxic Warfare – Lobotomized

Biotoxic Warfare – Lobotomized

23rd February 2015 0 By George Nisbet

For the uninitiated, Biotoxic Warfare are a ferociously uncompromising thrash band from Heraklion, Crete.
  Formed in 2012, Lobotomized is the bands debut full length album and the follow up to their Baptized In Blood And Greed EP.

Album intro, “Mors Indecepta” gets the album underway in fine style, reminding me of a latter day Kreator mixed with Malevolent Creation.  When the main riff kicks in, it really makes you sit up and take notice!  As an instrumental opener, it sets the scene nicely and had me looking forward to hearing what the band had to offer.

Proclaim The Gospel Of Lies” is the first track proper on the album and sets the pace and tone for the album very effectively. These guys play a very potent mix of Teutonic inspired thrash, mixed with a healthy dose of classic death metal and  a smattering of black metal thrown in for good measure.  The guitars are ridiculously tight and the vocals of Mike Kavalos come across like a demented hybrid of Tom Angelripper and Beneath The Remains era Max Cavalera ,no bad thing!

Baptized In Blood And Greed” follows hot on the heels of the previous track and this re-recorded version is a cracking number. Biotoxic Warfare know exactly how to craft a great metal song. It’s a lesson in brutal and precision riffing which will have you dusting off your air guitar as this Kreator tinged thrasher  hits warp speed!

The band are an extremely tight and cohesive unit, a fact which they show in no uncertain terms on my favourite track, the high octane “Dysphoric Reality“.  Featuring a very catchy, chugging riff with an infectious vocal hook, this track is evocative of early Malevolent Creation, indeed the overall sound on this album reminds me of their The Ten Commandments album.

Not content to stick to just one style, the guys mix it up a fair bit, with some nice embellishments in the form of acoustic passages, melodic yet face melting solos and some punishing double bass work. Throwing in the odd blast beat adds to the overall intensity, but wisely it isn’t overused.
  The band have certainly put both thought and effort into their music and the end result is an album that’s an  extremely enjoyable listen.

If you’re looking for something new and fresh, give these guys a shot, as they certainly aren’t just a carbon copy of the old school thrash bands.

Hopefully Biotoxic Warfare have a great future ahead of them, so with any luck they’ll  get the exposure they deserve.


Score: 8 out of 10

AATR Approved

ALBUM INFOBiotoxic Warfare

1. Mars Indecepta
2. Proclaim The Gospel Of Lies
3.Baptized In Blood And Greed
4.Dysphoric Reality
6.Lust For Hate
7.Parasitic Life
8.As We Rot (Promises Of Heaven)

Record Label
Slaney Records

Release Date
19 January 2015



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