GWAR – The Blood Of The Gods (Album Review)

GWAR – The Blood Of The Gods (Album Review)

19th October 2017 0 By Gavin Griffiths

Gimmicks and theatrics have existed in rock and metal since, arguably day one…some would say they go hand in hand, sometimes it supersedes the actual band and you’re known for your image more so than your actual music (Look at KISS, I mean, well done Gene Simmons, you look like an absolute tit and I can’t name you a single KISS song) but, sometimes it helps the band garner attention. SLIPKNOT’s world conquering success story says it all, and even LORDI found fame on the Eurovision Song Contest…but what happens when you become so immersed in your own bands gimmick it becomes an alternate reality? Well, that’s where GWAR come in…originally formed in Richmond, Virginia back in 1984, this thrash punk travelling circus has made quite a name for themselves as the monstrous inter-galactic planet-fucking semen demon’s we now know and have quite the cult following, with their incredibly ridiculous costumes and stage names, and even two Grammy nominations, their longevity is impressive, but, with more line-up changes than a million seasons of Power Rangers and with the real life death of vocalist Oderus Urungus (real name Dave Brockie) in 2014, can the band continue? Let’s find out as they unleash “The Blood Of The Gods”

We open up with “War On GWAR” and we’re met with a very slow and somewhat hypnotic guitar sequence, plucked and simplistic, it’s got a certain mystique, while new vocalist Blothar The Berserker (real name Michael Bishop) gives an almost spoken word intro; rambling about armies uniting against the gods….before we’re enveloped in a very TYPE-O-NEGATIVE sounding, gloomy bass-riff…it’s very “The Profits Of Doom”. Intentional or not, I can’t take my mind off it and it detracts from what is a generally straight forward hard rock track…we follow this up immediately however with the first of several album highlights courtesy of “Viking Death Machine”…and really it sounds like a different band! With its really dirty, bass-driven groove and up-tempo approach, but with some classic rock elements and a slick solo…imagine something between VIKING SKULL and TURBONEGRO…this is really catchy stuff!

“I’ll Be Your Monster”  keeps this up brilliantly with a proper, up-beat, old-school rock ‘n’ roll vibe…it’s a touch bluesy, rough around the edges, gritty but it’s got such a hook, add to that another fine solo, this is a band reborn and proving that there are some quality rock musicians under the ludicrous costumes. “Auroch” utilizes an intense thrash-inspired, frenetic hardcore sound to good effect, adding a little diversity…while a tribute to their fallen hero Oderus comes courtesy of “Fuck This Place”…well, I say tribute…they basically say fuck you, you’ve left us here on this fucking hell hole of a planet with the humans, condemning him for his heroin overdose, but it’s charming in typical GWAR humour, before we eventually finish up on the nice little inclusion of AC/DC hit “If You Want Blood (You Got It)”…both stylistically and thematically fitting in with the record and done very well too I may add…a fine cover this. Ultimately GWAR here continue to defy the odds, not only for still actually existing in any capacity, but for pulling this album out of their ass after the death of their long-standing leader Oderus…granted, they’ll likely never be taken seriously but they hold far more than comedy, cabaret value…a perfectly preserved corn in an abundance of shit that surrounds them…seriously, STOP listening to EMMURE, ATTILA and KING 810…go listen to GWAR.

Score: 8 Out Of 10






GWAR The Blood Of The Gods Album Info


Track List
  • 1] “War On GWAR”
  • 2] “Viking Death Machine”
  • 3] “El Presidente”
  • 4] “I’ll Be Your Monster”
  • 5] “Auroch”
  • 6] “Swarm”
  • 7] “The Sordid Soliloquy Of Sawborg Destructo”
  • 8] Death To Dickie Dunkin'”
  • 9] Crushed By The Cross”
  • 10] “Fuck This Place”
  • 11] “Phantom Limb”
  • 12] “If You Want Blood (You Got It)”
Record Label: Metal Blade
Release Date: October 20th
GWAR Online:

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