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Bay Area thrash legendsTRAUMA, unveil the official lyric video for The Ragecreated by Andy Pilkington of VERY METAL ART. 
The Rage is the opening track on TRAUMA’s new album titled AS THE WORLD DIES, released via The Orchard/Sony. Upon release, the album was #3 most added at NACC Loud Rock, is rapidly climbing the metal charts, and is featured on Spotify’s Heavy Metal Playlist.
TRAUMA formed in 1981 in the San Francisco Bay Area. It currently consists of members Donny Hillier (vocals), longtime TRAUMA drummer Kris Gustofson, guitarist Joe Fraulob (former member of Danzig), guitarist Steve Robello (former member of Dublin Death Patrol) and bassist Greg Christian, founding member of Testament. The band is known for its association with Cliff Burton, the original bassist of Metallica, who founded TRAUMA before joining Metallica in 1982.
AS THE WORLD DIES track listing
1. The Rage.
2. From here To Hell
3. As The World Dies 
4. Gun To Your Head.
5. Last Rites
6. Run For Cover
7. Asylum
8. Entropy
9. Cool Aid
10. Savage.

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