137 Unveils “Lie For A Lie”: A Raw Journey Back to Caveman Metal Roots

137 Unveils “Lie For A Lie”: A Raw Journey Back to Caveman Metal Roots

25th March 2024 0 By Jon Deaux

In an era where music often treads the line between innovation and tradition, 137’s latest single, “Lie For A Lie”, released on October 31, 2023, stands as a defiant roar from the depths of heavy metal’s primal core. This track not only cements the band’s dedication to their unique “Caveman Metal” style but also serves as a poignant commentary on the modern world’s media narratives, resonating with the raw, unfiltered essence of metal’s early days.

“Lie For A Lie” emerges from a theme that vocalist Keith Baughman has revisited since the band’s 2005 release, “F.C.C. (Force Controlled Culture).” It’s a scathing critique of media manipulation, encapsulated in the band’s straightforward “Caveman Metal” ethos. “It’s basically about how the media ‘spins’ the truth & attempts to guide us to their narrative,” Keith explains, underlining the song’s relevance in today’s information-saturated landscape.

The introduction of guitarist Donny Weissinger has marked a significant shift in the band’s sound dynamics, infusing “Lie For A Lie” with intricate layers and sonic accents that enrich the track’s overall texture. “Donny puts all the extra sounds & accents into the song… he does it with just the right touch,” Keith notes, highlighting the seamless integration of Donny’s style into the band’s musical tapestry.

Interestingly, “Lie For A Lie” signals a return to 137’s earlier sonic explorations rather than a departure. The track revives a decade-old composition, bringing to life a song that resonates with the band’s foundational sound. “Actually, this song is somewhat a return to our earlier sound,” Keith reveals, bridging the gap between the band’s past and present.

Since their debut in 1996, 137 has undergone a significant evolution, both lyrically and musically. “The lyrics & music have gotten ‘smarter,'” Keith reflects, attributing this growth to the band’s experiences over the years. This maturation is further evident in the production quality of their recordings, with Doug White at Watchman Studios in Lockport, NY, capturing the band’s vision with clarity and depth.

Through “Lie For A Lie”, 137 aims to impart a critical perspective on media consumption, urging listeners to question and analyze the information presented to them. “Hopefully, to understand that the information we consume from media & internet isn’t always what it seems,” Keith asserts, emphasizing the song’s underlying cautionary tale.

While 137’s sound is distinctly their own, the band nods to the monumental influence of Black Sabbath and the straightforward rock of Clutch and COC. These bands’ guitar-driven, riff-oriented approach has left an indelible mark on 137’s music, blending seamlessly with their unique style to create a sound that is both familiar and fresh.

With “Lie For A Lie”, 137 reaffirms their commitment to delivering heavy, sludge-infused metal that speaks to the heart of the genre’s original ethos. As the band looks to the future, their music continues to evolve, yet remains anchored in the raw, unadulterated spirit of metal’s early days. For fans old and new, “Lie For A Lie” is not just a song but a journey back to the roots of heavy metal, where simplicity and sincerity reign supreme.

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