AATR PREMIER – ALLAMEDAH “Alma” official video

AATR PREMIER – ALLAMEDAH “Alma” official video

8th September 2023 0 By Jon Deaux


Alma” is the last song and video to be shown from Allamedah‘s three-track EP of the same title. Sung in both English and Portuguese, it embodies all the artistic power of the Portuguese combo: melodic, avantgardish (take a look at the amazing Portuguese guitar middle session!), groovy and with a lot of “alma” (soul).


Letting go of the ego can be a difficult and sometimes painful process, but it is also a path to freedom and true self-awareness. When we release our attachment to the ego and the stories we tell ourselves about who we are, we open ourselves up to a new level of understanding and consciousness.


Letting go of the ego means releasing our need for control and our attachment to the opinions of others. It means embracing our vulnerability and recognizing that our true strength lies in our ability to be open and receptive to the world around us.

At first, the process of letting go may feel like a loss, as we confront the parts of ourselves that we have held onto for so long. But as we continue to let go, we discover a new sense of lightness and freedom, as we shed the layers of the ego and embrace our true selves.


Ultimately, letting go of the ego is a journey of self-discovery and transformation. It is an invitation to live with greater authenticity and purpose and to embrace the fullness of our humanity.


Allamedah is a Portuguese metal band, founded in 2016 by singer and guitarist David Bitton and drummer João Faria. The group’s sound is evidently marked by modern metal and the fusion with other musical genres, such as fado and rap, as demonstrated by the collaborations on the previously released song “Algema”, with fado singer Valéria and the Portuguese guitar player João Luzio; and “Incerto”, which featured American rapper Jayneto. They sing mainly in Portuguese and English, with the occasional use of Hebrew. 


Following the signing with the German/Danish label UPRISING! Records, Allamedah will release their debut EP “Alma”, containing three new tracks. The title track is sung in both Portuguese and English, with lyrics about letting go of the ego, and features the huge talent of Ricardo Gordo in the amazing Portuguese guitar “Desvanescente” is a Portuguese-sung tune, with an evident pop/rock approach on one side, and an amazing guitar solo (courtesy of Brazilian axeman Roberto Barros, of Edu Falaschi’s band), while lyrics approach the ephemeral side of social media. “The Great Unknown” explores the more melodic side of Allamedah, in a totally English language song with amazing vocal layers. 


Three different songs with the guideline of Allamedah’s unsettled talent and with great individual potential. All in all, a confident and bold step for the Lisboa collective, showing they’re no longer one of the best-kept secrets in the Portuguese scene – but are looking to bring their art forth and abroad. 


“Alma” will be released in digital format via UPRISING! Records on September 8th, 2023.



David Bitton – vocals, guitars

João Faria – drums

Hugo Capelo – bass

Joao Corceiro – guitar

Ricardo Gordo – Portuguese guitar solo (guest)


Digital EP:











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