AATR Premier – BLAZING ETERNITY “A Certain End Of Everything” official video

AATR Premier – BLAZING ETERNITY “A Certain End Of Everything” official video

22nd March 2024 0 By John Deaux

With an epic, atmospheric, melodic, and melancholic doom/gothic metal tune – the second single and the new video is the title track from Danish BLAZING ETERNITY’s upcoming comeback album. One of Denmark’s pioneer bands within the melodic doom/goth metal genre. A song about death, loss, and mourning – accompanied by weeping guitar riffs, heavy drums, and raw vocals, topped with a grandiose ending.


The Danish doom/gothic metal combo Blazing Eternity is back with a new album. “A Certain End Of Everything” – to be released on April 19th, 2024 – is the first new album since 2003 from one of Denmark’s pioneer bands within the melodic doom/goth metal genre.


“A Certain End Of Everything” consists of seven new tracks, including the already-released first single “One Thousand Lights”. The music has the well-known Blazing Eternity atmosphere and fingerprint – a melancholic epic, and atmospheric doom/gothic metal mix with weeping guitars and harsh vocals. The album is bleak and melancholic, but with a certain beauty shining in the darkness – and with very personal lyrics dealing with death, depression, and personal tragedies. But with a gleam of hope in the end…


This Will appeal to fans of early Katatonia, My Dying Bride, and Paradise Lost.

“A Certain End Of Everything” was written and arranged by original members Peter Mesnickow, Morten Kroll Lybecker, and Lars Riis Korsholm – with additional synth arrangements by Flemming Kaspersen from electronic act Delayscape.


Blazing Eternity was formed in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1993 and released two successful demo tapes in 1996 and 1998 leading to a deal with German Prophecy Productions. This resulted in the two albums ”Times And Unknown Waters” (2000) and ”A World To Drown In” (2003) as well as performances at big festivals such as Roskilde Festival and Wave Gotik Treffen.


After 2004, the band was not active anymore – until 2011/2012 when Blazing Eternity reformed for four concerts in Denmark and Germany.


After this, the band went into hiatus but secretly started working on new material in 2018. But with big challenges in the process. First the death of vocalist Peter Mesnickow’s long-time wife Lilja, and second the death of Blazing Eternity live-keyboardist Jens Hansen. Two events that have affected the new songs a lot – but at the end leading to the brand-new album “A Certain End Of Everything”. to be released in April 2024.


Recorded with Jacob Gundel (Withering Surface, Invocator, etc). Mixed and mastered by Markus Stock Schwadorf (Empyrium, The Vision Bleak, Alcest, etc), who also produced the first two albums by Blazing Eternity.


Blazing Eternity is confirmed for Metal Magic Festival (DK) and Næstved Metal Fest (DK) in 2024, but more live performances will be announced later.


I loved to mix and master this album of my old friends Blazing Eternity. Not just because of reasons of nostalgia but because it is an absolutely beautiful and soulful album that lives in the past and the here and now“ Markus Stock Schwadorf.


“A Certain End Of Everything” will be released on LP (black vinyl), digipack CD, and digital formats on April 19th, 2024 via Mighty Music.



Peter Mesnickow – vocals

Morten Kroll Lybecker – guitars, bass, synths

Lars Riis Korsholm – drums


Additional live members:

Kim Larsen – guitars

Magnus Ringling – bass

Anders Ro Nielsen – keyboards


Digital pre-save link:













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