Norway’s Heavy Metal Act SINSID Announces New Guitarist and 2 New Singles

Norway’s Heavy Metal Act SINSID Announces New Guitarist and 2 New Singles

22nd March 2024 0 By John Deaux

Following the release of its highly successful 3rd studio album, “In Victory” (2022, Pitch Black Records), SINSID has been tirelessly crafting new sonic realms, gearing up for a new electrifying assault with their upcoming album slated for 2025. 

But that’s not all! Fans should brace themselves as the band has welcomed a new guitar virtuoso into its ranks, morphing their lineup into a behemoth 6-piece ensemble, with not one, not two, but three guitarists igniting the studio (and the stage)!


Enter Erik Westerlund, a seasoned metal maestro boasting over 35 years of shredding prowess. His blistering fretwork, promises to inject an explosive surge of power and velocity into the already formidable SINSID sound. And the saga only intensifies from here…


In a bold move to tantalize their devoted followers, the band opts to offer fans with a sneak peek of their revamped essence, as it prepares to unveil not one, but two scorching singles, each pulsating with Westerlund’s spellbinding presence and creative prowess since the songwriting of both songs includes his input as well.


Each single is accompanied by its own, individual artwork and captivating music video and will be available on all digital platforms. It should be noted that these two brand new tracks will not be part of the band’s upcoming new album as again, these are merely to showcase where the band is currently at, as well as where it’s headed of course.


First up on the exhilarating journey is “Sarcophagus”, a haunting ode to the Chernobyl disaster and its aftermath, slated for release on March 22nd and available on all digital platforms at

Then, mark your calendars for April 26h for the adrenaline-fueled rush of “Time is Ticking”, a sonic manifesto exploring the breakneck pace of human existence and the trials endured along the way.


With each riff, each beat, SINSID propels themselves further into the heavy metal stratosphere, leaving a trail of thrilling anticipation in their wake. Prepare to be swept away by the electrifying storm of SINSID’s sonic revolution!

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