AATR Premier Crom “The Era Of Darkness” lyric video

AATR Premier Crom “The Era Of Darkness” lyric video

28th October 2022 0 By Jon Deaux

With their new studio album just announced, German epic heavy metallers CROM release the title track of the record as the first digital single, which kicks off the promotion for the full-length. “The Era Of Darkness” is packed with epic action: big choruses, aggressive vocals, majestic guitar solo and battle-cry melodies that will urge you into the battlefield for heavy metal, the old-school way.


Whilst playing with German melodic black metallers Dark Fortress, Walter “Crom” Grosse began working on a solo-project that was worlds apart from the raw aggression normally associated with the genre in which he started. The more the work progressed, the more Grosse realized that he much preferred to forge his own musical path, a path where melody is the defining factor, and, following on from the positive response to his debut EP “The Fallen Beauty”, he decided to focus his attention solely on the band that had become Crom. 


Grosse has never made any secret of his admiration and respect for Quorthon. Like many other musicians, he is influenced by the epic melodies of the legendary Bathory, but, unlike many, he has allowed the influence to subtly shade, rather than define, the musical content. Crom has an individuality that can only be described as, well… “CROM”! [su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/oBQStaO4fSU”]


Delicate acoustic guitars are counter-pointed by crushing metal riffs. A powerful vocal performance is accompanied by melodies that are in turn poignant or majestic. With his use of choirs, epic arrangements, skillful transitions, and stirring melodies, Grosse is able to conjure up images of mighty warriors and lost loves; epic struggles and tragic personal losses; despair and ultimate salvation. 


After three albums (“Vengeance” in 2008, “Of Love And Death” in 2011 and “When Northmen Die” in 2017) Crom started a brand new chapter in its career, signing a new record deal with From The Vaults releasing the new EP “Into The Glory Land” in 2021. A spearhead craved deep in the future, foreshowing the battle that was yet to come… 


“The Era Of Darkness” will be released on digital, CD and LP (black vinyl, limited to 300 units) via From The Vaults on January 13th, 2023.



Walter “Crom” Grosse: vocals, choirs, lead & acoustic guitars, bass

Steve Peyerl: solo guitar

Thomas Hagl: drums 


Digital single:









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