Xentrix – Seven Words – Album Review

Xentrix – Seven Words – Album Review

28th October 2022 2 By Craig

Xentrix is a band that I’ve loved for around 30 years (yes, I am THAT old, and, yes I know I don’t look anywhere near old enough to be at an age where I have loved a band for that long 😅😅). On the first few listens of their last album Bury The Pain I have to admit it didn’t quite grip me, but I’m pleased to say it is now up there in the ranks of their earlier albums and for me would sit nicely in between For Whose Advantage and Kin but enough of previous Xentrix albums, this review, and the reason you have come to this page, is to read our review of their new album, their seventh studio album which is Seven Words.

First off, before I delve into the music, I have to compliment the artwork. I love the whole imagery of it, the art itself, the colors, everything is ticking the right boxes for my tastes. With that in mind, I have high expectations for the music contained within.

I am not disappointed…..right off the bat we have a nice little intro before Behind The Walls of Treachery fully kicks in and sets the scene for what is about to happen over the next 49 minutes and 47 seconds which is some full-on thrash metal ala-Xentrix. Fans of Xentrix will know exactly what I mean when I say it “sounds like Xentrix“. Behind The Walls of Treachery is just a riff fest with so many nice melodies and you are instantly nodding your head to the pace of Dennis’ drumming.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Msr_2rUwvGA”]

Next up is the title track, Seven Words – another great track and is the ideal follow-up track to the previous track, it just flows so effortlessly and is one of the more faster and heavier Xentrix songs in their arsenal – I’m expecting to see a huge pit when this one is played live! At 2 minutes 19 seconds into the song, we are greeted with some amazing guitar solos before the intensity reconvenes once again! 

Spit Coin is next and although I love the song, I do find myself breaking into For Whose Advantage when the lyrics “For their advantage always!” in my head I carry on with “For whose advantage anyway?”  🙂 

Track after track on this album is just a relentless, full-on thrash fest and I’m beginning to think Xentrix are back to show the younger bands how thrash metal is supposed to be done. All fans of Xentrix and indeed fans of thrash metal seriously need to check this album out. Head on to the link at the bottom of this page to order it.

It’s amazing how much the vocals of current frontman Jay Walsh are in the same vein as the previous frontman Chris Astley – so much so that on occasion I forgot it wasn’t Chris singing. That’s not a bad thing at all and no disrespect is meant by that, in fact, quite the opposite is the intention – it’s meant as a compliment. I don’t for one minute believe it is an intentional similarity, however, I find a strange comforting when listening to vocals of Jay’s.  

Score: 10/10
1. Behind the Walls of Treachery
2. Seven Words
3. Spit Coin
4. The Alter of Nothing
5. Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead
6. Reckless with a Smile
7. Ghost Tape Number 10
8. My War
9. Kill and Protect
10. Anything but the Truth
11. Billion Dollar Babies (CD Exclusive Bonus Track)

Listenable Records
Release Date – 4th November 2022

For all things Xentrix – click HERE and to purchase the album, click HERE 

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