AATR Premier Groove Metallers BATTERING RAM Album Stream ‘Second To None’

AATR Premier Groove Metallers BATTERING RAM Album Stream ‘Second To None’

13th July 2022 0 By John Deaux

Battering Ram comes from a small Swedish mining town – Filipstad. A place you never heard of,
a place you’ve never been to and a place you most likely will never visit. Up there north, in the
Scandinavian woods, man is still man, life is still easy, and souls are still free. Up there music still
rock. Hard. Hard as a rock.

This heavy weight quartet founded in 2017 in the deepest forests of Sweden quickly arouse great
interest among rock fans home in Scandinavia, as well as on international ground. Rockers all
over the world have realized that there are some heavy pieces of steel casted among gnomes and
trolls in the Nordic fairy tale woodlands.

Hard as a rock and harder than hard rock. Heavy as lead but nor just metal. Still, at the end what
Battering Ram plays is a plain straightforward rock n’ roll with a lot of weight, power and attitude.
With their first full length release, Battering Ram unabashed smashed in the doors to the rock
scene. Their self- titled debut album unleashed in 2020 was welcomed with numerous positive
reviews in music industry magazines such as Sweden Rock Magazine, Metal Temple and
Roppongi Rocks. And now the Filipstad is back with a new batch of killer songs.

The eagerly awaited “Second To None” lives up to Battering Ram high-profile raised by their debut album
and delivers a collection of songs which are playbooks of what hard rock and heavy metal should
sound like when they clash: raw, heavy and with gigantic hooks!

This band stands for everything what old-school rock music once was about. The band is both in
sound and quality close to the genre’s heavyweights with its origins in the 1970’s and 80’s. While
the solid base of Battering Ram’s sound is genuine and authentic, they still seal their music with
their own modern signature.

Released on CD and LP versions, with the (transparent red) vinyl being limited to 300 copies,
making it a collectors’ item

For more on Battering Ram, click any of the links below
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