ACID REIGN to release 4CD Anthology on November 15, 2019

ACID REIGN to release 4CD Anthology on November 15, 2019

22nd October 2019 0 By John Deaux

ACID REIGN are set to release the Acid Reign Anthology! On Dissonance on November 15, 2019

This 4CD set includes the bands 1987 demo “Moshkinstein”, the 1989 debut album “Fear”, and the classic second full length “Obnoxious”, originally released in 1990. And to top it off, disc four contains a tonne of previously unreleased material!

Frontman Howard Smith comments:

“This is the definitive collection of our back catalogue. The Apple Core Archives have long since been unavailable and this gives people their last chance to own everything on CD at a sensible price. Added to this we have returned since that release, so we have some cool extras on a fourth disc. Our two comeback singles Plan Of The Damned & The Man Who Became Himself are here complete with the demos of both songs, the very first song that Paul and I wrote together “No” which predates the reboot, Cerebral Scar’s version of Goddess that I guest on, the demos of Obnoxious and finally a live version of Blind Aggression that was on a flexi disc that went out with Kerrang! Back in the day. This box set represents the ending of one era and the beginning of another”

Disc 1 – Moshkinstein 1. Goddess 2. Suspended Sentence 3. Freedom Of Speech 4. Motherly Love 5. Respect The Dead 6. Chaos (Lambs To The Slaughter) 7. Goddess (Demo) 8. Suspended Sentence (Demo) 9. Bullyboy / Lucifer’s Hammer (Demo) 10. Motherly Love (Demo) 1 1. Two Minded Take Over (Demo) 12. R.F.Y.S. (Demo) 13. The Burial (Demo) 14. Amnesiac (Bonus Track) 15 Magic Roundabout (Bonus Track) 16. The Argument (Bonus Track) 17. Sabbath Medley (Bonus Track) 18. All I See (Live) 19. Goddess (Live)

Disc 2 – The Fear 1. You Never Know 2. Reflection Of Truth 3. Insane Ecstasy 4. Humanoia 5. The Fear 6. Blind Aggression 7. Life In Forms 8. All I See 9. Lost In Solitude 10. Reflections Of Truths (Demo) 11. Blind Aggression (Demo) 12. The Fear (Demo) 13. Insane Ecstasy (Demo) 14. Humanoia (Bonus Track)

Disc 3 – Obnoxious 1 Creative Restraint 2. Joke Chain 3. Thoughtful Sleep 4. You Are Your Enemy 5. Phantasm 6. My Open Mind 7. Codes Of Conformity 8. This Is Serious 9. Hangin’ On The Telephone 10. Motherly Love (Live) 11. Warriors Of Genghis Khan (Live) 12. The Joke’s On Us (Bonus Track) 13. Three Year War (Bonus Track) 14. Big White Teeth (Bonus Track) 15. Zzur (Bonus Track) 16. Zzur Mix (Bonus Track) 17. Satanika With H – A Mother’s Love (Bonus Track) 18. Bullyboy (Live) 19. Chaos (Live)
Disc 4 – Bonus Material 1. Blind Aggression Live 2. Creative Restraint (Demo) 3. Hangin’ On The Telephone (Demo) 4 Phantasm (Demo) 5. No 6. Plan Of The Damned 7. The Man Who Became Himself 8. Plan Of The Damned (Demo) 9. The Man Who Became Himself (Demo) 10. Goddess / Cerebral Scar

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Also coming on Back On Black on November 29, 2019 are vinyl re-issues of:

‘Moshkinstein’ on 140 Gram Blue vinyl
Pre-order here:

‘The Fear’ on 140 Gram Yellow Vinyl
Pre-order here:

‘Obnoxious’ on 140 Gram Pink Vinyl
Pre-order here:

“For the first time ever the remastered back catalogue is getting its long overdue release on vinyl. VIA Back On Black. The sleeves have been lovingly curated from the originals with the original artwork restored and presented as a gatefold package. Added to this Moshkinstein, The Fear & Obnoxious come in sky blue, yellow and pink vinyl respectively. Lead vocalist Howard Smith “ I am absolutely thrilled to see these finally come out and give people an alternative to tracking down the originals and having to pay over the odds for them. I have to give the label huge props for what they have done with these, I think people are going to love them.”

ACID REIGN have announced the first batch of dates on their ‘Tour Of Entitlement’ .

Check them out here:


December 2019           
5th            SCARBOROUGH – Market Hall (with Diamond Head)
6th            GLASGOW – Audio
7th            DUBLIN – Grand Social
8th            BELFAST – Voodoo

Acid Reign have just released their fourth album “The Age Of Entitlement” via Dissonance Productions.  
Get it here:

Check out the video for “The New Low” here:

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