Alien Airforce announce debut album ‘Give Pigeons The Right Of Way’

Alien Airforce announce debut album ‘Give Pigeons The Right Of Way’

29th February 2024 0 By Jon Deaux

Alien Airforce is the first-ever solo venture from Crispin Gray, former guitarist, and songwriter for Daisy Chainsaw and Queenadreena (and currently the guitarist for Portuguese artist Starsha Lee). Titled ‘Give Pigeons The Right Of Way’, the debut Alien Airforce album will be released via Easy Action Records on May 3rd. What is all this talk of pigeons you may ask? Most people view them as dirty, pesky birds, but not Crispin. Gray does like pigeons and does indeed try to give them the right of way (he doesn’t like to see people stamp at them).


The album is entirely recorded and performed by Gray, although five of the fourteen songs are co-written with his wife, Sofia Martins Gray (aka Starsha Lee). One track, ‘Not My World’, was originally written by Gray for Daisy Chainsaw – but DC only ever played it live.


‘Give Pigeons The Right Of Way’ is uniquely and distinctively Crispin Gray. Anyone who has followed his long career since Daisy Chainsaw first exploded onto the scene with the twisted noise-pop of ‘Love Your Money’ will find a lot to recognize and love within Alien Airforce. There’s a distinctive sound and style that has weaved its way through all of Gray’s bands and endeavors, but the difference here is this is one hundred percent Gray. The sounds, ideas, and images come directly out of his head and plug straight into the home studio setup, unfiltered, uncluttered, and free to explore a multitude of different feelings and styles. From the dark, throbbing electronica of ‘Used To Bruise’ to the lurching lo-fi stomp of the opening track, and new single ‘Good Luck World (I Think You’re Going To Need It)’

this debut Alien Airforce album is a sonic cleansing from start to finish, beautifully baptized in noise and that distinct fuzzed-out guitar tone. 


Rarely satisfied with any of his previous bands’ recorded output, Alien Airforce is an attempt by Gray to tie up loose ends and see if he can finally distill his musical ideas and bring his style to some sort of culmination – with only himself to blame if he doesn’t succeed.

‘Give Pigeons The Right Of Way’ is the beginning of that road, not yet the end.  


‘Give Pigeons The Right Of Way’ track-listing:


    1. Good Luck World (I Think You’re Going To Need It)
    2. Back In The Knife
    3. Life Is Suicidal
    4. Used To The Bruise
    5. Daily Damage
    6. Jesus Will Save You
    7. Mother Mother, Murderer
    8. Everybody Thinks You’re Strange
    9. Time’s Running Out
    10. Fangs Sink In Too Deep
    11. You Won’t Get Your Paradise
    12. Not My World
    13. I Am Not Her
    14. Goodbye Miss Jane

      You can pre-order the album here: Coming Soon – Easy Action

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