Water Trout – Broken

Water Trout – Broken

29th February 2024 0 By Owen Edmonds

Guess whose back? Back again. Walter’s back, with a friend. Sorry, I’ll stop now.

However, Walter Trout is indeed back with a new album and yes, it does feature a couple of his friends, the amazing Beth Hart and the ever-entertaining Dee Snider and Will Wilde pops up for good measure with some immense Harmonica.

So in case you don’t know, Walter is a proper blues legend. Having started playing his guitar professionally back in the early 70s, to still being able to put together a cohesive album such as ‘Broken’ 50 years later is a testament to his skill as not only a guitarist but as a songwriter and performer of the highest order.

The Review

Opening with the title track, ‘Broken’ which features the awesome Beth Hart, the album feels very raw from the off. This tends to be the way with the last few Trout albums that the majority of the songs are personal and autobiographical.

I mean the opening lyrics are “Pieces of myself, just seem to break away and I lose a little more, I lose a little more every day.” Wow. There is no messing around at all, Walter’s voice is still strong but has grit and a break that tugs at your heartstrings. Then when Beth comes in on the chorus her voice powers through in the second verse. I am telling you goosebumps. Just Goosebumps.

The final song on the album is  ‘Falls Apart’ is another raw, emotional cry for help. Again the lyricism feels so personal, the first verse is “This just won’t work anymore. It’s just no good anymore Try so hard to find peace. It’s just too difficult.” Need I say anymore?

And in between these two absolutely amazing songs, there are 10 other tracks all of which offer you something almost impossible to turn away from. 

I’d like to mention the boogie track ‘Bleed’ which features a harp by Will Wilde. Surprisingly this is Walter’s first boogie song despite having spent a long time playing with John Lee Hooker and Canned Heat. And I love a bit of harmonica and Will certainly has the feeling of some of the greats from yesteryear such as Little Walter.

On the flip side you’ve got some slower, more traditional country blues with ‘Breathe’. A soft almost ballad-type song that gives you the chance to chill out a bit at first but then comes in with some hefty punches. “I left my crystal ball at home, I’m wishing it would turn to stone. It’s never front page news when you’ve got holes in both your shoes.” Yeah, I can get on board with some of that.


Walter Trout has never failed to entertain me.

This album is another example of someone who just has it. He has this knack of knowing how much to give you without it becoming too much. It is a skill that he has learned and perfected over the past 50 years. Long may he continue, as we need more like Walter Trout.

Score 9/10

Track Listing

    1. Broken (feat. Beth Hart)
    2. Turn And Walk Away
    3. Courage In The Dark
    4. Bleed (feat. Will Wilde)
    5. Talkin’ To Myself
    6. No Magic (in the street)
    7. I’ve Had Enough (feat. Dee Snider)
    8. Love Of My Life
    9. Breathe
    10. Heaven Or Hell
    11. I Wanna Stay
    12. Falls Apart
      Label – Mascot/Provogue
      Release – 1st March 2024

      For all things Walter Trout, click HERE, and to purchase the album, click HERE

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