An Open Letter To A Music Thief

An Open Letter To A Music Thief

11th January 2021 0 By Vera Anne Gray

What possesses people to upload someone’s music to a ‘Free Download’ site the moment it comes out? I mean they’re actually taking time out their schedule to pull money from the pockets of musicians trying desperately to forge a career.

I’ve heard some extremely naïve stories on how they think this is ‘helping’ the bands exposure, well here’s a message to these idiotic thief’s and their juvenile way of thinking when it comes to the art of ‘free music”.

Dear music thief,

I hope you’re enjoying my album, after all it took not just all my time, creativity and passion to make, but nearly every penny i had too. While you’re listening to these sub standard quality files of my album why don’t your bare this in mind, your narrow mind that is.

Nearly all upcoming bands rely on their record sales to recoup the cost they’ve outlaid to make their record. Believe it or not HARDLY ANY BANDS make it big via the ‘American Dream’ of being spotted in a tiny venue in the darkest regions of suburbia by an A&R guy, given a massive advance and disappear on a tour bus ladened with strippers, drugs and wads of cash. The REALITY of it is this, the band will inevitably rely on playing live where they will probably not make much (if any) of the door money and will rely on hardcore fans buying merchandise.

What’s that???

You’re doing us a favour by giving us exposure by spreading the word of the band, and that all those people illegally downloading our album will buy a ticket to see us live AND buy load of Merchandise enabling us to get out of debt and make a living?? That’s what I thought you said.

Well guess what you narrow minded cretin, by downloading the album for free it means the band stands up in the industry as a band with ‘poor sales’, and bands with poor sales are not appealing to any managers, promoters or booking agents. After all, why would a booking agent take a chance on a band with a couple of hundred worldwide sales?? Oh because they have thousands of Facebook likes you say??……No, now you’re being a cretin again. It doesn’t work like that. You are strangling the band’s ability to make a wave in this already harsh industry and trying to justify your thievery with an idiotic unproven theory.

So next time you’re wondering “Hey why is that band i love SO MUCH that i went out your way to click a button and steal their music not playing within 1000 miles of my house?”. Take a step back, grow up, and realize you played a part in them NOT being able to get noticed. We’re not ALL Metallica with millions of sales under our belt that will get to tour regardless of how many parasites download our music for free. We’re struggling, passionate, hard working artists, and quite frankly, you are just a thieving c**t.

Sincerely yours, for free evidently,

The Artist

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