BENIGHTED Unleash A Brutal Anthem of Psychedelic Horror Feat. Oli Peters from ARCHSPIRE

BENIGHTED Unleash A Brutal Anthem of Psychedelic Horror Feat. Oli Peters from ARCHSPIRE

4th March 2024 0 By Jon Deaux

In the abyss where the grim meets the grotesque, BENIGHTED unveil their next track Nothing Left to Fear from their highly anticipated upcoming album Ekbom. BENIGHTED doesn’t just walk, no, they trample upon the line between sanity and madness with unparalleled brutality. A single that serves as a flagrant declaration of what lies ahead – an expedition into the darkest corridors of the human mind, inspired by the chilling tales of those suffering from delusional parasitosis.

Featured on this monstrous track is the vocal prowess of Oli Peters from the technical death metal giants Archspire. Peters’ inclusion adds a new dimension of vocal terror, intertwining seamlessly with Julien Truchan’s harrowing screams and the band’s intricate, skull-crushing instrumentals.

Produced with the finesse that only BENIGHTED can deliver, ‘Nothing Left to Fear’ sets the stage for what is poised to be one of the most groundbreaking releases in extreme metal history. As the harbinger of the auditory turmoil that is Ekbom, this single promises nothing short of a relentless, unyielding, and utterly haunting musical journey.

Ekbom is out April 12 on Season of Mist.

BENIGHTED will be heading out on the road in April for the Hellfest Warm-up Tour, bringing their signature brutal death metal sound to stages across France. They’re bringing along Ten56. on all of these dates, with support from Rise of the North Star, Stinky & KAMIZOL K on some dates.

Hellfest Warm-Up Tour 2024:
19 April: Clermont Ferrand, FR @ La Cooperative de Mai
20 April: Bordeaux, FR @ Rock School Barbey
21 April: Biarritz, FR @ Atabal
22 April: Cahors, FR @ Les Docks
23 April: Montpellier, FR @ Victorie 2
25 April: Nice, FR @ Stockfish
26 April: Crest, FR @ Bridge to Hell
27 April: Lausanne, CH @ Docks
28 April: Montbeliard, FR @ L’Axone
30 April: Oignies, FR @ La Metaphone
2 May: Paris, FR @ Cité de la Musique
3 May: Cherbourg, FR @ La Breche
4 May: Nantes, FR @ Warehouse

1. Prodrome (1:19)
2. Scars (3:15) [WATCH]
3. Morgue (3:22)
4. Le Vice des Entrailles (3:06)
5. Nothing Left to Fear (2:44) [LISTEN]
6. Ekbom (3:42)
7. Metastasis (3:33)
8. A Reason for Treason (3:18)
9. Fame of the Grotesque (2:20)
10. Scapegoat (2:22)
11. Flesh against Flesh (3:18)
12. Mother Earth, Mother Whore (4:28)
Total runtime: 36:48

Available Formats:
Digital Download
CD Digipak
12″ Vinyl Gatefold – Black
12″ Coloured Vinyl Gatefold – Crystal Clear
12″ Coloured Vinyl Gatefold – Transparent Yellow & Black Marbled
12″ Coloured Vinyl Gatefold – Golden
12″ Liquid Vinyl Gatefold – Blood Red Liquid-Filled

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