Bloodywood: Rakshak Tour – The Mash House – Edinburgh – 12th June 2023

Bloodywood: Rakshak Tour – The Mash House – Edinburgh – 12th June 2023

13th June 2023 0 By John Deaux

Hot on the heels of their Download appearance, the band from New Deli drive 288 miles to Edinburgh to headline their own show after which they’re driving a further 392 miles to Cardiff. It’s been a hectic few months for Bloodywood, the legends of Punjabi Metal.

Bloodywood has been a bucket list band for me to see since I discovered their Anti-Pop album (a collection of pop classics Bloodywood style) back in 2017.

and then I heard Gaddaar and my jaw hit the floor. 

Live, they were everything I hoped for and a whole lot more. So much fun, high energy, and sweat-inducing. Bloodywood played for just 65 minutes. Opening and closing with the aforementioned Gaddaar.

It was 22° in Edinburgh when I arrived just before 7 pm and I was a very sweaty mess. I was an even bigger hot and sweaty mess after Bloodywoods set at the Mash House this evening. However it wasn’t just me, the walls and the ceiling were also sweating as well as the swarm of fans who turned up to watch.

The Mash House was jumping and vibrating so much that I’m surprised it didn’t cause structural damage. There were times I was convinced that the floor would give way courtesy of all the jumping and immense bass frequencies. 

Despite only being a 65-minute set it was relentless. BSDK.exe, Machi Bhasad, and Aaj were all highlights. In fact just to hear 80% of the album live was stupendous(Endurant and Yaad weren’t played). 

Bloodywood is definitely one of the best bands I have seen live and I can’t wait to see them again. However, I don’t think it’ll be in such a small venue next time.

If you see dates for Bloodywood in a town near you, it’s an aural experience you won’t forget in a hurry that’s for sure. 

Bloodywood were Bloodygood.

Dana Dan
Jee Veerey
Zanjeero Se
Machi Bhasad (Expect a Riot)
Ari Ari
Gaddaar (v2)

For all things Bloodywood, click HERE and to purchase Rakshak (which you really should, click HERE


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