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Swedish heavy metal band SABATON have launched a worldwide museum project entitled ‘History Rocks’. At the center of this project stands the band’s new animated film, “The War To End All Wars – The Movie”, which is to be screened by participating museums spanning the globe around Armistice Day on 11th November.

More information about ‘History Rocks’ here.

‘History Rocks’ is a charity initiative that aims to raise awareness on the importance of history and encourage more people to visit their local museums. SABATON is inviting museums both big and small to be part of this world premiere of ‘The War To End All Wars – The Movie’ at no cost. The only requirement is that they must be equipped with the appropriate facilities and audio-visual equipment to host the screening.
Commenting on the project was SABATON’s manager and bass player, Pär Sundström: “We are excited to launch this project! We believe that by screening ‘The War To End All Wars – The Movie’ in museums around the world, we can inspire people to appreciate the importance of preserving and learning about our history. And what better way is there to do this than by infusing history education with an entertaining, adrenaline-fuelled animated movie?”
Pär added: “It’s also a fantastic way to persuade a brand new audience to visit their local museums. Museums are really important to us as a band, especially military and history-focused museums – we have learned so much from them. We want the world to be curious and would love for people to genuinely want to learn about the past. The only way we grow as human beings is by learning about days gone by and appreciating the sacrifices that have been made for us to live the way we do.”

Even before the launch of the campaign, a handful of museums have already confirmed their participation in the global premiere of “The War To End All Wars – The Movie”. These include:

The Tank Museum, Dorset, United Kingdom
Arsenalen – The Swedish Tank Museum, Strängnäs, Sweden
Aeroseum, Gothenburg, Sweden
Michigan’s Military Heritage Museum, Jackson, Michigan, United States

Many more will follow in the coming weeks.  

Developed in partnership with Yarnhub Animation Studios, ‘The War To End All Wars – The Movie’ features songs from SABATON’s 10th studio album, The War To End All Wars, which was released on
4th March 2022. The film tells the stories of World War I, granting viewers a better understanding of what the songs on the album are about. It is a musical and historical adventure covering a number of topics and telling the epic tales of various heroes.

‘The War To End All Wars – The Movie’ is being released in English but will be made available with subtitles in a number of languages to cater to audiences around the world.
‘History Rocks’ is set to take place within two weeks around 11th November 2023, which is a fitting date for the project as it commemorates the end of World War 1. The screening of ‘The War To End All Wars – The Movie’ will be a perfect opportunity for people to learn more about this crucial part of history and reflect on the sacrifices made by those who fought in the war.

SABATON is calling out to its fans to share this project with their local museums to get them on board and join in on this unprecedented initiative. With ‘History Rocks’, the band hopes to extend their passion for history to a global audience.

In the more than two decades since their launch, Swedish metallers SABATON have achieved quadruple-Platinum sales, headlined major festivals and sold-out arena concerts across the globe, and earned a legion of loyal fans by carving out a reputation as one of the hardest-working bands in rock. SABATON combines standout stage design and production with epic concept albums, linking real-life historical war events with classic kick-ass metal. To date, the band has released ten studio albums, amassed six GOLD, two PLATINUM, and one four-times-PLATINUM award, seen eight of its albums score Top 10 international chart status, and six claims the Top 5. SABATON has also accumulated more than two billion streams across all streaming platforms.

Band Members:
 – Joakim Brodén – Vocals/Keyboards
 – Tommy Johansson – Guitar
 – Chris Rörland – Guitar
 – Pär Sundström – Bass
 – Hannes Van Dahl – Drums

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