Canadian dirty, sleazy hard rockers The Deadly Romantics drop a new disc, book and UK tour on the unsuspecting masses.

Canadian dirty, sleazy hard rockers The Deadly Romantics drop a new disc, book and UK tour on the unsuspecting masses.

21st February 2024 0 By Jon Deaux


How does one go about describing The Deadly Romantics. One Part RAMONES, one part AC/DC, add in a little GUNS’n’ROSES and a dash of STEEL PANTHER!

Loud-Stuff states “Any band who have got the guts to call themselves The Deadly Romantics are ok in my books! What you’ve got here is a band who can play, understand their songs, but have set out with a mission to bring old school, dirty, sleazy rock and roll back to the forefront of things – and it’s worked.” 

Originating from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, the band is an example of how modern-day rock and roll is created. Shows are moments to be celebrated.

“Real sleaze rock with punk attitude and 80s metal guitars; The Deadly Romantics sound like they have been on a Jack Daniel’s diet for a few years!” states Veglam, “A bit of WRATHCHILD (UK), ROGUE MALE & MENTORS, these guys seem to know a lot about dirty, debauchery rock’n’roll/punk metal. Bikers, punks and bad girls can party together again!” 

All About The Rock says; “Sonically this band will knock your socks off. Lead singer, Thunderfuck himself, who is an absolute minotaur of a man, has a stage persona that reminds me of GG ALLIN. Albeit without the nakedness, shitting on stage or punching the audience but he does have that air of danger which has been missing from Rock n Roll since the Sex Pistols. The Deadly Romantics are a highly polished set of musicians. A lot more Paul Di’Anno fronted IRON MAIDEN punk style crossed with the chops of ZODIAC MINDWARP. Thunderfuck is a master of his craft. Engaging with the audience whenever the opportunity arises. You get a very special live experience with this band. This band thrives in a live environment. The sing/shout-along choruses coupled with the natural call & response are a great blend. The diehard fans love it & the new discoverers in the audience certainly get into the spirit of things too. Overall this band are fantastic. One hell of a live act who makes absolutely no apologies & takes no prisoners with their lyrical content, stage persona’s or the total onslaught of in-your-face Rock n Roll. Although The Deadly Romantics proclaim not to take themselves seriously they are master craftsmen at what they do & that’s all that matters.”



Thunderfuck : Vocals

Johnny Douchebag : Guitars

Neen McQueen : Guitars

Ryan Cümsock : Bass
Smash Bashskins : Drums 




Since 2005, THE DEADLY ROMANTICS have released seven various EPs and full-length CDs. All have been financially paid for by the band and independently released. Unfortunately, this means that when the discs have sold out they are no longer available other than on digital platforms and the second-hand market.


In 2023 the band decided to re-record their most recent set list so that the punters could buy and take home with them the songs that they had just seen performed live.


Engineered by Ryan Cannon, self-produced, and recorded at the band’s own JAWA Studios in Ontario, Canada, the 15-track CD will be released on April 11th 2024 and promises a studio representation of what the band does live.


Along with the CD release will be a companion, 500-page, hardback book chronicling the band’s formation through to the preparations for the band’s second upcoming tour of the UK. Featuring interviews with current and past members of the band, “Some Things Never Die” reveals the guts and glory of a band destined to never reach more than cult status. 


The book will be available through Amazon and both the Book and CD will be available for purchase at all upcoming shows. 




2022 saw THE DEADLY ROMANTICS embark on their first ever tour of the UK. The tour was so successful that the band have decided to return to the UK in April 2024. Starting the tour in Birmingham at SUBSIDE on April 11th, taking in Leicester, Hull, Edinburgh, Stockport, Wakefield and ending up in Cambridge on April 20th.


Special Guests on all dates will be the London-based hard rockers KONTROL FREAKS.


THE DEADLY ROMANTICS live performances are legendary and not to be missed.




Drink This Party Dry – THE VIDEO




New York City – THE VIDEO


This One’s For You – THE VIDEO


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