Today Was Yesterday – Today Was Yesterday – Album Review

Today Was Yesterday – Today Was Yesterday – Album Review

21st February 2024 0 By George Simpson

Here’s a challenge for you, listen to this album and try and decide which genre it fits into. I’ve listened to it numerous times now, and am still no closer. There are elements of prog, pop, industrial and classic rock here to name but a few. They have been described by some as art rock, a term I hate. It always conjures up images of pretentiousness to me, self-indulgent noodlers playing a musical equivalent of the emperor’s new clothes. No sir, Today Was Yesterday has created a pretty good, genre-resistant album, that holds your attention throughout.¬†

Today Was Yesterday consists of multi-instrumentalist Angelo Barbera on vocals, and drummer and percussionist Ty Dennis. Having spent years as sidemen to other artists, they have finally achieved a shared dream of making their album. However, they have roped in a couple of friends to give them a helping hand too…

I’m not gonna lie, the thing that drew me to this album first, and foremost, was the presence of Rush guitarist/legend Alex Lifeson on six of its ten tracks. Having been a fan for longer than I care to remember, and with Rush, now sadly, over in terms of new music, I was looking forward to this. Indeed, when you also consider that Robby Krieger of The Doors also features on one track, you have to take notice.¬†

As a result, it was the songs with Alex on that I gravitated towards first. However, and pleasingly, he doesn’t dominate the songs, his contributions embellish them. The closest we get to him letting loose on a 2112/Finding My Way scale is on the Zeppelin-tinged¬†opener, Grace. It’s a moody and atmospheric rocker that powerfully opens the album. However, remember the genre issue I mentioned? Well,¬† the next track A Louder Silence has a much more laid-back ambience, with a much subtler Lifeson in attendance, giving the track a dreamy, Middle Eastern feel.¬†

Then, we get another wonderful musical juxtaposition. There is the Sting-esque sophisticated dinner party pop of On My Own and then the pounding My Dog Is My God that reminds me a little of Nine Inch Nails. I far prefer the latter, the former seems a little bland compared to the other tracks on offer here. Despite it being a pleasant enough song, it’s too straightforward, and safe.¬† The same can be said of the bluesy If I Fall (Silly Games), which seems to last an eternity. Despite featuring some wonderfully subtle slide guitar from The Doors legend Robby Krieger, it’s a song that just doesn’t grab me.

Of course, this album is Today Was Yesterday‘s not Alex Lifeson‘s, so what else is going on here? What’s obvious throughout is that Ty and Angelo are very accomplished songwriters. Indeed, one of the real standout tracks, to my ears, is I Take All. There aren’t any guests on this slice of classy pop/rock featuring a vocal hook that has stuck in my head long after listening to it. Likewise, the funky Rukus, is best described as heavy pop. I told you defining a genre here was gonna be tough!¬†

The good far outweighs the meh on this album, there is much to enjoy on a what has to be said is a largely pretty good album. Whilst being a Rush fanboy initially drew me to it, the album itself won me over, rather than who was contributing to it. As a jumping-off point for them as a band, it’s set the bar, or diving board pretty high for them to follow up.¬†

Score: 7/10


1 РGrace РFeaturing Alex Lifeson 

2 РA Louder Silence РFeaturing Alex Lifeson           

3- On My Own РFeaturing Alex Lifeson 

4 РI Take It All 

5 РMy Dog Is My God РFeaturing Alex Lifeson 

6 РFaceless Faraway Song РFeaturing Alex Lifeson 

7 РIf I Fall (Silly Games) РFeaturing Robby Krieger 

8 РRukus 

9 РBorrowed 

10 РMy New Low РFeaturing Alex Lifeson 

Release Date: 23rd February 2024

Label: Music Theories Recordings

For all things Today Was Yesterday, click HERE and to purchase the album, click HERE

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