Carlos Cardoso’s Best of 2014

Carlos Cardoso’s Best of 2014

16th December 2014 0 By Carlos Cardoso



1. Opeth – Pale Communion

If anyone thought that Opeth would not be able to continue their path of prog rediscovery in 2014, they were truly mistaken. “Pale Communion” showcased that Åkerfeldt and company are still able to mesh their classic style with old prog rock sounds to perfection. Their 2014 release is by far the best piece of metal/classic prog combination out there, with one amazing track soaring above the rest. We can expect “Sun Above, Moon Below” to become a classic during the next couple of years; it’s just too great to ignore.


2. Pink Floyd – The Endless River

There is absolutely no doubt that Pink Floyd are one of the greatest bands in the history of rock (maybe even the greatest), so it was with natural anxiety that their final album was released. This was perhaps the most polarizing record of the year, and although it finally became cool not to like Pink Floyd, you can’t deny that “The Endless River” is a fantastic goodbye from a band we will never again see record something new. Sure, it may be comprised of musical pieces from the “The Division Bell” sessions, but who cares? They were perfectly arranged, creating a record that flows beautifully, and we all had a chance to say goodbye to them with a new record. 2014 will forever be known as the year Pink Floyd released their final record, and what a record it was.

3. Bloodbath – Grand Morbid Funeral

Change. It was a year of changes for Bloodbath. Was it possible to let go of the creative mind of Mikael Åkerfeldt and not suffer a decrease in quality? Maybe, but we the fans would have to wait for concrete proof of that. Could Nick Holmes bring back his mysterious growl from 20 years ago? Again we needed proof, and when “Grand Morbid Funeral” was released, a collective sense of relief washed over all the fans. Bloodbath were amazingly brutal, fast and creative, and Nick was a beast on the vocals. If there was an album with better guitar work, faster, more savage and demonic than “Grand Morbid Funeral”, please direct me to it, because this is the benchmark for this year’s death metal records.

4. Overkill – White Devil Armory

The best thrash album of 2014 was by Overkill. Embarrassed by their drummer and his energy, the old guys in the band once again took it up a notch. More speed, more energy, more straightforward than ever before, “White Devil Armory” is Overkill at their finest. Bobby Blitz is still a force of nature, the guitars are still the best in thrash and Lipnicki is the driving force that keeps them on their toes. Once again best thrash of 2014.


5. Darkspace – Dark Space III I

Darkspace are, for the lack of a better word, frightening. They continue to be a band completely different from the rest (and in the black metal genre that is quite the feat), their sound is devoid of hope, a sonic cosmic beating that no other band is capable of achieving. If you’re looking for a record to remove yourself from humanity for about an hour and twenty minutes, look no further, Darkspace will take you to the edges of space and leave you there, shivering in the unforgiving loneliness of the void. The most terrifying black metal album of 2014.

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