CHASTAINIUM V2 and reissues of “Mystery” and “The Voice”

CHASTAINIUM V2 and reissues of “Mystery” and “The Voice”

4th August 2022 0 By Jon Deaux

CHASTAIN has been a force in Metal for over 35 years and CHASTAINIUM V2 is the second album to chronicle the history of the band. 2 tracks from each of the last 10 albums showcase CHASTAIN’s inventive and unique sound. The band originally put together by David T. Chastain and Producer Mike Varney has created some of Metal’s iconic moments.

The band members on this album include: Vocalists: Leather Leone (solo), Kate French (Vainglory). Drummers Ken Mary (Alice Cooper, Flotsam and Jetsam), John Luke Hebert (King Diamond), Larry Howe (Vicious Rumors), Dennis Lesh (Trouble) and Stian Kristoffersen (Pagan’s Mind). Bassists David Harbour (King Diamond), Dave K Starr (Vicious Rumours), Mike Skimmerhorn (CJSS) and Kevin Kekes (Damien).

Says band founder and guitarist David T. Chastain, “This release is a little different than the first Chastainium. On this one we picked some of the tracks that weren’t the most well known tracks on those albums.

“We went back over the last 10 albums that stretched some 35 years and picked 2 tracks from each that we considered the “lesser known standouts of those albums.” All of the tracks have been remastered. Some are completely new arrangements never heard before by the fans. But honestly it was difficult to only pick 2 per album.”

CHASTAIN’s albums from this period include:
1987 The 7th of Never
1988 The Voice of the Cult
1990 For Those Who Dare
1995 Sick Society
1997 In Dementia
2004 In An Outrage
2013 Surrender To No One
2015 We Bleed Metal
2017 We Bleed Metal 17
2021 “1321”

David’s final words on the release: “People are always asking me what is my favorite album or what are my favorite tracks and I can honestly report I really don’t have a favorite album or favorite track. Each album and track conveys different things to me at different times so my answer today would probably be different next week. However all in all I think everyone involved should be proud and happy of their contributions on this album. It has been a hell of a journey through the Wasteland!”

Also just reissued in numerous formats are “The Voice of the Cult” on Shadow Kingdom Records and “Mystery of Illusion” on Jolly Roger Records.

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