Chevelle release their new album on 9th June and play at Download

Chevelle release their new album on 9th June and play at Download

9th May 2014 0 By Craig

Formed by the Loeffler Brothers in Chicago, IL in 1995, Chevelle has sold over four million albums, including their major label debut ‘Wonder What’s Next,’ which went platinum. In their nearly 20-year career, they have notched twelve top ten rock radio hits in the U.S, including the chart-topping singles ‘Send The Pain Below,’ ‘The Red,” and ‘Face to the Floor.’

In 2014 the band will release new album, ‘La Gárgola’ on 9th June. Following up their Billboard Top 10 album ‘Hats Off To The Bull,’ ‘La Gárgola’ (Spanish for The Gargoyle) ‘is a sonic reinvention for the band’ says front man Pete Loeffler [g uitars, vocals], ‘I don’t want Chevelle to sound like every rock band out there, I wanted to create something fun in a dark way.’

Band mates Sam Loeffler [drums], and Dean Bernardini [bass, vocals] employed aggressive electronic drum kits, stomp boxes, ethereal effects, vintage amps, and Pete’s study of horror film aesthetics (The Walking Dead, Rosemary’s Baby, Friday The 13th) to provide the core sound of ‘La Gárgola.’ ‘I’ve always liked horror films,’ says Pete, ‘watching them is like riding a roller coaster. Your heart rate goes up, and that’s perfect for our music.’


Produced by Joe Barresi [Queens of The Stone Age, Tool, Coheed and Cambria] songs like ‘The Damned’ and ‘Jaw Breaker’ characterize the prevailing feel of ‘La Gárgola,’ with heart-thumping drums and dark-overdriven guitar riffs.

Chevelle proves socially aware on ‘Take Out The Gunman,’ (released as a single on 2nd June) which, through dominant guitars and emotive vocal dynamics examines the issue of mental illness and guns. The band’s ode to the Pacific ‘One Ocean’ is layered with hazy guitars and a brooding bass line that provokes inspired vocals from Pete. ‘We’ve never written a song like it before,’ says Sam, “it’s one of our favourites.”

Following 2013’s sold out show at London Islington Academy, Chevelle will return to the UK this year with a slot at Download Festival on 14th June alongside Linkin Park, Fallout Boy and Bring Me The Horizon.

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