Cinematic Djent band Vanitas have released their debut self-titled EP.

Cinematic Djent band Vanitas have released their debut self-titled EP.

4th June 2022 0 By Jon Deaux

Launching in February 2022 with their 7-minute prog-epic “Ghostly Coast”, Vanitas have taken the midlands prog-metal scene by storm with live performances supporting Dakesis & Black Orchid Empire and previous members opening for the likes of Monuments and Voyager..

Vanitas takes inspiration from vast-spanning JRPG soundtracks and the raw energy of modern metal riffs combining it to create epic cinematic djent . The 4-track self-titled EP guides the listener through a rollercoaster of emotions tackling the trials and tribulations of adulthood for the new generation- wrapped up in a proggy bow of orchestral soundscape, tight musicianship and erupting with passion.

Vanitas kick off their EP launch this June with a hometown release show on the 17th June at The Flapper in Birmingham.

Guitarist Elijah Storer says “Our EP includes everything you want from a Prog metal band and more! I love track 1 as it combines aggressive heavy riffs with big orchestral backing!”

Vocalist Jade Maris says “This EP really was a cathartic release of emotions for me, it’s ultimately a message of perseverance and hope. Track 4 Vanitas really highlights this for me- look out for the big finale at the end of the track too!”

The EP is available to purchase through the band’s bandcamp here:

Tickets to the band’s upcoming EP Launch show can be found here:

The Vanitas EP was recorded, mixed and mastered by Mitchell Barlow with

orchestral programming on track 1 by Matt Jones at CapsArx Studios and vocal production by Ethan Cottier.

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