Crematory – Oblivion

Crematory – Oblivion

19th April 2018 0 By John Deaux

It’s not every day you come across a Gothic Metal band with commercial accessibility, well Crematory have certainly done that  with Oblivion. The last time I heard an album similar to this in terms of musicality was Paradise Losts, One Second album

With its mix of Felix delivering his death metal growl coupled with new member Tosse, who is not only providing rhythm guitar but he’s also adding clean vocals has given them a whole new dimension. The other newbies, bassist Jason Mathias and Rolf Munkes on lead guitar have propelled Crematory to a new level.

Lyrically the album deals with life and agony along with having someone in your life that helps keep you whole.


The tracks that have been lifted from this album are a good representation of what you can expect from this 53 minute, 13 track record. Ridiculously technical guitar solos, Katrins subtle use of keys, programmed drums and an album that will help with a cardio workout at the gym.

There’s not a track I skip on this album (which believe me is a novelty). It’s a solid record and the added bonus that it’s released on vinyl (with the CD enclosed) is superb (more labels need to do this instead of making you buy the album twice).

Score 7.5/10


Felix Stass – vocals 
Rolf Munkes – guitar 
Tosse Basler – guitar 
Jason Mathias – bass 
Markus Jüllich – drums 
Katrin Jüllich – keyboards
Available physical formats:
Format:                    CD
Packaging:              DigiPak incl. poster
Format:                    2LP
Packaging:              Double gatefold, 180 g, printed inner sleeves, CD in paper sleeve, gold vinyl

Track List
01. Expectation
02. Salvation  
03. Ghost Of The Past 
04. Until The Dawn 
05. Revenge Is Mine  
06. Wrong Side 
07. Stay With Me 
08. For All Of Us 
09. Immortal 
10. Oblivion 
11. Cemetary Stillness 
12. Blessed  
13. Demon Inside 

Release Date
13th April 2018

For all things Crematory, click HERE and to purchase the album, click HERE



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