DISCOVER | ESCHALON – Cambridge/Manchester, United Kingdom.

DISCOVER | ESCHALON – Cambridge/Manchester, United Kingdom.

3rd January 2024 1 By Quinccy

Today on DISCOVER, I’m joined by Brad and Simon from ESCHALON. ESCHALON is a piece band from Cambridge/Manchester, United Kingdom. Current band members are Brad Makinson (vox), Maximo David (vox), Simon Garrod (guitar), Callum Smith (guitar), James O’Donoghue (bass) and Miles Taylor (drums). Today we discuss scenery, Pylons (and their admirers), and paying tribute to those who are sadly no longer with us. 

Thank you for your time this evening. Let’s start with an Ice breaker, start strong – What’s the weirdest gift you’ve ever received?

Brad: Great question. I’ve had some weird shit given to me in my time but the one that stands out as weirdest for me was a red lace thong I got sent for Valentine’s Day when I was younger. Completely unprovoked I might add – it’s not something I had asked for.

Simon: Boring I know but I haven’t really received any weird gifts to mind. I like weird house plants though if anyone wants to gift me in the future! Brads thong story is much better!

House plant desires and desirable thongs, the major difference there! So let’s touch on why we are here. Eschalon, where how did it start and how did you guys meet?

Simon: Eschalon started back in 2012, I wanted to write my own riffs and form the right band members over time. Miles the drummer I met through a friend via a Youtube comment back in 2013. We started writing and practising together and have written many songs together over the years.

James the bassist we met in 2017 whilst I was in line for a Shmoos Pizza at Tech-Fest 2017.

I then met Brad through our dear friend Karl Riley of Carcer City who recently passed away.

Brad brought Callum the other guitarist into the band and we met Max through PMT Cambridge of which our drummer is the store manager. After being a behind the scenes project for many years we released our debut track ‘Helios’ in loving memory of Karl Riley on the 1st of November 2023.


Sounds like you all met from different paths then, be weird thinking you can pick up band members whilst ordering a pizza. Maybe this should be a think “Snacc and Sing”. I do remember Karl Riley from back in the day, he was a top lad, it’s a shame to hear of his passing. How does the band work with the distance when it comes to practice and Eschalon?

Brad: As the majority of the band are from down South (comparatively), it makes sense for us to rehearse down there. So me, guitarist Callum, and our sound tech, Sam, all travel down there for rehearsal. James, the bassist, is from the Midlands, so he also travels down. To be honest, I’m used to the journey now, and it never feels that long. It seems ages away when you’re not used to it, but in reality it can be done in three hours with good traffic.

Simon: Brad, Callum and our sound guy Sam from the north come down on a monthly basis either to record/shoot video/practice. James our bassist comes from Nuneaton. All our equipment/practice spaces are based in Cambridge. Our Producer Meyrick de la Fuente of mixedbymeyrick/floodgate audio/Vocalist of Exist Immortal also lives in London so most our meet ups are down south.

Ah, that’s not too bad then! You forget how small England is when you’re not looking at a Map. For anyone who hasn’t heard your music before how would you describe it?

Simon: We aim to blend The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza and Agent Fresco with Monuments, Architects and Northlane as the glue in the middle. I am hugely inspired by the Grime scene so I entwine a lot of beats into the riffs too.

Interesting, a solid mix there then. I know you’ve touched base on names above but could you tell me a bit about the members of Eschalon and their roles within the band?

Brad: Vocals: Brad Makinson, Maximo David, Guitars; Simon Garrod, Callum Smith, bass: James O’Donoghue and drums: Miles Taylor.

Simon: So I have been the main writer for many years though now we are all adding more ideas to the pot, its nice to finally have a team of composers. Other than that I do the social media, bookings, lighting and most the day to day.

Max and Brad are the lyrical masterminds they bounce off each other really well and sit in their own ranges that blend so well together. Max also runs the social media and day today back end stuff with me.

James is the bands cynic which is always handy to have. Other than that he is a machine of a bassist!

Callum plays guitar and is working on future riffs for Eschalon as we speak.

Working on future stuff sounds interesting. Have you guys got any current shows booked or any exciting dates booked for 2024?

Brad: We played our debut show two months ago to a sold out audience at The Six Six Bar in Cambridge, opening for Vexed and main support band, Pulse. Since we’ve played Grim Fest – ST. Neots, 2024 we’re making plans.

Simon: We have a lot of music and videos to be released. We are currently discussing bookings for 2024 and have a lot of interest for shows and festivals. We are keen to get out there and we will be announcing more gigs soon!


Sounds interesting, I have just done a quick search of GRIM FEST as I’ve never heard of it. Looks like one to check out. Whilst on the topic of shows, can you guys share one of the most memorable shows that you have played so far (either as a band or as individuals)?

Simon: Yes lots of friends there, Exist Immortal, Milk & Two Shuggahs, Pravitas, Akkadian, Existentialist, Bind., Maziac so we were exicted to be a part of it. 

Brad: I’ve also had the privelege of doing guest vocals for Exist Immortal on a couple of occasions. The most memorable for me (other than the Vexed show) was doing a guesty for EXIM on the main stage at Tech Fest this year. That was insane.

Simon: We snuck Brad & Max out before Eschalon launched at Tech-Fest 2023 with Exist Immortal to leave them subliminally in peoples minds, wanted people to watch ‘helios’ and scratch their head thinking “where the fuck have I seen those two before?”

You touched on the release of “Helios” and paying tribute to Karl Riley of Carcer City who recently passed. Could you tell me a bit more about the song and the creative process behind both the video and the song itself?

Brad: In the heart of “Helios” lies a deeply personal connection to Karl. The lyrics weave a poignant narrative of extending a hand to someone amidst their struggles, a reflection of the profound bond we shared. The song delves into the complexities of altruism, portraying the raw, selfless care one offers in the face of a loved one’s turmoil. It’s an emotional journey that doesn’t shy away from acknowledging the weight such compassion carries – a toll that’s as heavy as it is inevitable. These lyrics are a testament to the resilience required when reaching out to save someone, even when the universe’s cosmic forces seem indifferent. It’s a sincere exploration of the highs and lows of altruistic love, a cathartic expression of the deep connection we had, and a universal ode to the struggles of those we hold close.

Simon: For the video we just wanted to make something truly epic, Karl was an epic guy and would have expected nothing less than a real life pyramid in a metalcore video remembering him. We delivered! The video was shot by the legendary Jake Ten (aka The Spielberg of Croydon).

We like to present our live show as a journey and so our videos have been colour graded to match our light show for each track so that each single, merch piece, artwork, video and live performance all connects to each track. Cyan/Orange is the light show/merch colours for helios and so a big old fire and a cyan pyramid did the trick! So many people think is CGI which is incredible but also hilarious to us as we spent a week there!



The video was very well done and beautiful in terms of location choice. Do you guys have any more videos soon to be released? If you’re ever looking for other scenic places there’s actually a website that covers the best Pylons in the UK. You should check it out

Simon: We have just wrapped up our 4th video shoot and will be moving forward with more releases in the new year. We still have some cool stuff for Helios still yet to come!

Brad: Si – looks like we might be doing a pylon video for vid 5

Simon: Hey don’t pile on the pylon people! Bars. See that grime influence coming through

Brad: Pilfered from the cityscape, peeping pylons persist,
Parallel pillars, potent posts, power’s primal twist.
Pulsating with purpose, they punctuate the pavement,
Pioneers of progress, potent in their payment.

Prolific in their presence, they proudly parade,
Painted in hues, a potent palette displayed.
Perpendicular, poised, in a powerful stance,
Pylons persist, performing a power dance.

Have that.

Not going to lie, that made me properly laugh – true lyrical geniuses – the both of you. Thank you for your time this evening, it’s been a great pleasure. It’s made me excited to see the next upcoming videos for the last question and to quench the curiosity of those who would want to see your videos. Where can these be found?”

Simon: Everything can before on our linktree at


Artist: Eschalon / Label: Unsigned / Genre: Tech Metalcore
For Fans of: Monuments, Northlane, Architects, The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, Agent Fresco. 
Next upcoming shows: TBC 2024.
Can be found on the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Spotify, Apple Music (All Streaming Platforms).






Karl Riley (Carcer City

In memorial of Karl Riley:
In the tapestry of Eschalon, Karl wove the threads that bound us together, shaping the very essence of the band.

Karl, you were more than a friend; you were the catalyst that ignited the fire within each of us in Eschalon. Your passion for music was contagious, and your spirit resonates in every note we play. Your absence is deeply felt, yet your influence is ever-present, guiding us through the cadence of memories we shared.

We know you’re with us, a silent guardian of the music we create. Your legacy lives on in Eschalon. Each song is a tribute to your indomitable spirit, a musical ode to the friendship that helped to forge this band.

Rest in power, Karl. You are forever etched in the lyrics of our hearts, and your memory will be the melody that accompanies us on this journey, reminding us that true friendships are timeless and immortal. 


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