Dreamcatcher – Apocalypse: Save Us – Review

Dreamcatcher – Apocalypse: Save Us – Review

10th November 2023 0 By Quinccy

‘Apocalypse: Save us’ is the second studio album released by South Korean sensation Dreamcatcher. The album was released in 2022 hitting number 4 on the GOAN charts! (Also known as Circle Digital Chart). Dreamcatcher currently is made up of members JiUSuASiyeonYoohyeonDamiHandong, and Gahyeon.

I know what you’re thinking – K-pop… Oh no, but listen… hear me out… 

‘Dreamcatcher’ was formed in 2014 by Happy Face Entertainment releasing multiple singles under the band name ‘Minx’. Fast forward to the end of 2016 with new member additions the band started to fuse light-hearted, bubbly k-pop vibes with rock and metal elements. The band portrayed the aesthetic of horror and fantasy which can be clearly seen in their work from 2017.  By 2019, Dreamcatcher had expanded from South Korea reaching Europe and America and taking the K-rock/K-Pop scene by storm. 

January 2020 showcased their debut studio album “Dystopia: The tree of Language”  which contained songs with lyrics featuring witch hunts to the more serious social issues of modern society as can be heard in “Paradise”. This album combined rock with electronica and I tell you, I am absolutely living for this one too! There’s so much that can be said but back to “Apocalypse: Save Us”…

“Apocalypse: Save Us” is part of the apocalypse now era is made up of 14 tracks each keeping high-energy k-pop/rock going consistently, progressing from good to absolutely amazing. If you’re a fan of the genre you will not be disappointed. Tracks to highlight are “Starlight”, “Always” and let’s not forget “Maison” the title-track album, and the one that kicks everything off, with a BANG! This album was a thoroughly easy listen with great vibes and a whole upbeat energy. 

‘Dreamcatcher’ has since released a single in 2023 and an eighth mini album entitled (also) “Apocalyse: Save us” which was due to be the final installment of Dreamcatcher’s apocalypse era. “Bon Voyage”,



Dreamcatcher has also recently teased a comeback with a brand-new Mystery Code teaser which was released on October 21 2023 at midnight KST. What does this mean? Will we see a true return next year for the girls!


Score: 8.5/10


1. “Intro: Save Us” – 1:01
2. “Locked Inside A Door” – 3:08
3. “Maison” (title) – 3:06
4. “Starlight” – 3:20
5. “Together” – 3:45
6. “Always” – 4:30
7. “Skit: The Seven Doors” – 1:46
8. “Cherry (Real Miracle)” (JiU solo) – 3:16
9. “No Dot” (SuA solo) – 3:20
10. “Entrancing” (Siyeon solo) – 3:33
11. “Winter” (Handong solo) – 3:52
12. “For” (Yoohyeon solo) – 3:45
13. “Beauty Full” (Dami solo) – 3:04
14. “Playground” (Gahyeon) – 3:02

Label: Dreamcatcher Company

Release date: April 12, 2022

For all things Dreamcatcher, click HERE, and to purchase the album, click HERE

For Fans Of: BVNDIT, Cherri Bomb, Everglow, Flyleaf, Halestorm, Pixy, Tonight Alive, Versaemerge.



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