Ex Number One Son & Moesaboa members return with new band Chandrian Kill

Ex Number One Son & Moesaboa members return with new band Chandrian Kill

7th June 2018 0 By Jon Deaux

CHANDRIAN KILL have confirmed they’ll release their debut ep ‘Bring Out Your Dead’ on 7th September 2018. Consisting of three extraordinary tracks that deliver contemporary thought provoking metal, the new ep was co-produced by Chandrian Kill and Brad Tuttle (Seven) at Seventh Studios, USA.

Chandrian Kill’s sound comes from the meeting of two creative British minds with a long history in metal music, with strong doses of melodic invention added to the potent mix.

Nic Whitmore, previously signed to Visible Noise Records as part of Number One Son, returns to the vocalist slot after a long break from music. Number One Son toured the UK widely and produced two well-regarded albums, but Nic was looking for a different kind of vehicle for his voice. He worked for a while with Seratonal’s Gary Hill in Stonewall Silence, then took another break before teaming up with Ted Clark in the Chandrian Kill project.
Ted himself, songwriter and guitarist for the band, is best known for his stints in Moesaboa (Basick Records) and My Life in the Making (Zebra 3 Records). Ted started writing on his own for the Chandrian Kill project in 2016 and contacted Nic with some early demo tracks. Nic’s interest was piqued and the two began work on developing and arranging the songs, collaborating in virtual space only before finally getting together in Ted’s studio in March 2018 to lay down the basic tracks.

In April Ted brought in producer Brad Tuttle (Seventh Studios) to mix and master the recording.

“I’ve admired Brad for over a decade,” Ted explains. “His work on Seven was ground breaking and his newest release ‘Dark Scientific’ only cemented my determination to work with him. You could call the result contemporary melodic metal, and it’s likely to appeal to Deftones fans, or perhaps Corey Taylor with a pinch of Djent. It has its own sound of course and we can’t wait to get it out there.”

The immediate result is a three track EP, ‘Bring Out Your Dead’, bearing the project’s first single. “‘I Collide’ touches on how we begin life,” says Nic. “We’re born kicking and screaming from the darkness into the light of the world, from absolute peace into abject chaos. No matter how hard we try, what we do, how we grow or mature, we always seem to end up back where we started, we are a contradiction to everything. It’s an internal and external conflict that’s so inescapable, it has to be confronted, which in itself is conflict and thus the never ending cycle continues.”

Pre-save ‘I Collide’ on Spotify: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/chandriankill/dz5H

“The three tracks are essentially the first stage of a sequence of planned EPs”, Ted confirms. “This debut being a basic concept loosely based around life, being self aware, our experiences, relationships, knowing who we are and how we feel about our existence and place in the world.” 

‘Bring Out Your Dead’ EP tracklist:

1. I Collide
2. Filter Off
3. Remain Alive

If this debut is anything to go by, it’s an exciting beginning for Chandrian Kill and an opportunity to experience first hand the gathering of a new force to be reckoned with in British metal.

Chandrian Kill is:

Nic Whitmore – Vocals
Ted Clark – Guitar

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Chandriankill/
Twitter: @chandriankill 
You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4GoiH8zrU1ZoHH-Bzyj8hQ

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