FLESH FIELD Announce ‘Voice Of The Echo Chamber’ – Their first album in two decades

FLESH FIELD Announce ‘Voice Of The Echo Chamber’ – Their first album in two decades

19th October 2023 0 By Jon Deaux

Flesh Field is a US electro-industrial act originally formed in 1996 by Ian Ross in Columbus, Ohio. Their debut album, ‘Viral Extinction’, was released three years later, earning glowing reviews for its brutal and aggressive sound, while some of its songs were subsequently remixed by several contemporaries (including scene leaders Covenant) and issued together with some new songs on the album-length ‘Redemption EP’ in 2000.

Highlighting the band’s compositional skills with bombastic symphonic elements and intricate synth and percussion programming, 2001’s ‘Belief Control’ solidified Flesh Field’s status as a band to be reckoned with. It also led to the group signing to Metropolis Records for the US release of their third album, ‘Strain’. With new layers of acoustic and electronic percussion, guitar, and choral effects added into the mix, these elements resulted in an epic and anthemic feel to a record that was acclaimed by fans and critics alike.

Then, silence. For almost two decades, Flesh Field lay dormant, even as numerous tracks from their catalog were placed in the soundtracks of films including the just-released The Mill, TV shows such as True Blood, and video games like Project Gotham Racing. Suddenly, without fanfare, late August 2023 saw an announcement of a brand new album, ‘Voice Of The Echo Chamber’, set for release in November.

A concept work with each of its ten tracks representing stages of political radicalization and violence, Ross states in the CD booklet that “believing falsehoods because those falsehoods reinforce our preferred narratives is not harmless. Promoting falsehoods to benefit your faction is not harmless, particularly in a well-armed society. If we remain locked in our own echo chambers, inevitably there will be a voice of the echo chamber that speaks in the language of mass murder, believing it justified. This album describes that tragic inevitability.“

1 Crescendo
2 Grievance
3 Catalyst
4 Arsenal
5 Manifesto
6 Soldier
7 Rampage
8 Reckoning
9 Contagion
10 Reset

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