Interview with Johnar Haaland from In Vain

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Johnar Haaland Interview – In Vain Guitarist  – April 21st 2013
Interviewed By Matt

Hi Johnar, So how’s things with you all, what have you been upto since the release of the album?

“We released it in March then played the Infernal Festival, also in March, we also played another festival than we went on tour which we’ve just finished with which was two weeks in Europe, we also played live with Solefald bringing 3 touring musicians who played with both bands,  and of course we have been busy with interviews and promoting the album.“

You played Camden in London April the 4th, how was that?

“That was the first show of the tour, we had to rehearse that day as we didn’t have a lot of time with the three musicians that we used, even though we had a great time, I feel it wasn’t one of our best, after the show we all got together to discuss how we could improve  the rest of the tour, but it seemed people loved it though”

The reviews of the gig say you came over really well, so that’s good to hear?

“Yeah, it was more on minor details on how the songs were supposed to end and the clean vocals, we had to lift the standards for the rest of the tour. The first show is never the best show of the tour, especially when you have 3 new musicians, that had to learn our songs and Solefalds songs as well”

The album itself has been getting great reviews what was your aims when making it?

“The aim , I’m not really sure, we are lucky in the fact we’ve always got good reviews for our albums, so for us its always a little bit skeptical when we release an album, because I know people have high expectations due to the other albums receiving such good reviews, so the first review I saw was six out of ten so I was worried maybe I thought the album is better than it actually is but then we started to get better and better reviews, and I still have more reviews to go through and they’ve been really good.

It’s great to get the good reviews because how can you push an album that’s not so great, also the labels get less enthusiastic. I write the music how I think it should be and with the In Vain sound in mind, I don’t want us to lose what we are about, so I was not searching for anything new as such. I did have a few small things in mind for instance “Against The Grain” I wanted to bring back some of the fast elements as well as the heavy slow songs, also shorter songs but  I wanted to do that in a smart way, it’s short, catchy but at the same time not too cheesy or simple, y’know?

I like all different genres of music and couldn’t just play in a band where it’s just all Death Metal, even when I see them live I’m always thinking about different contrasts, improvements, my aim in music is to bridge stuff and mix thing around, I guess it’s how I like to hear it with what I listen to as well”
Who’s your influences?

“I’m very open minded for music, I have sometimes where I listen to other genres to explore what kind of sounds they use, I like the electronic music as well, I appreciate originality, for instance Depeche Mode, you know straight away it’s them straight away because of their sound. Even if a band isn’t too original but has great songs like the Turbonegro album, it’s just a great album. Metal wise I like bands like Opeth and Emperor”

What’s the plans over the next few months?

“We are playing a few festivals over the summer and a few in the autumn, we will do a gig in Oslo with Solefald and a gig in our hometown, ideally we will do a short european tour in the autumn if we can find a good offer, but that’s difficult these days that’s not too expensive and with the right bands, and then I will write new music in the winter, I prefer to be out in the summer, it’s too hard to write in front of the computer when the weathers great”

So hopefully you’ll be back to the UK

“When we are headlining we can choose more but being the support band you have to just go with the main band, we do want to get back over soon though”

What would you say to anyone who hasn’t heard you yet?

“If you love metal and you can handle screaming vocals but are also open minded listen to our album and I think there’s a lot of elements you’ll enjoy”


“Can I just add a massive thanks to everyone who’s supported us and bought the albums or come to our shows”

I think I may be joining them……

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