Kira Mac + Support- Bannermans – Edinburgh – 20th November 2022

Kira Mac + Support- Bannermans – Edinburgh – 20th November 2022

21st November 2022 0 By Jon Deaux

Jeez it’s cold in Edinburgh this evening (I have no idea why I’m surprised. It is Scotland after all). Walking to Bannermans my nipples were like Fruit Pastilles thanks to the chill. Thankfully it’s quite toasty warm in the bar so I’m thawed out in no time. 

Kira Mac has been on AATRs radar for some time and her debut album Chaos is Calling is pure fire. It may be a mixed bag of styles on the record, but every track is an absolute blinder. A brilliant record that deserves to be in everyone’s record collection. 

Before Kira takes the stage, the support act Richy Neil and the Reinforcements do a fabulous job of entertaining the crowd. Playing a 45-minute set these guys warmed the crowd up nicely. Frontman Ritchie gives the audience plenty of banter/patter and the band themselves were enjoying each other’s company as well. It’s always great to see a band that genuinely likes each other and doesn’t just stand about like a bunch of statues.  

If you see the name and you like this NEW WAVE OF ROCK then this is a band well worth checking out. I’ve been fortunate to catch them a few times now and they never fail to entertain,  they’re a lovely bunch of fellas too. 

Kira Mac blew my mind.  She has so much power in her voice that it’s truly otherworldly. Opening with Dead Man Walking you knew that this band meant business.

The entire album got an outing (no real surprise as they currently only have 1 album) with a couple of nuggets thrown in for good measure. 

As I previously said, the album is a mixed bag of styles. Live, however, completely different animals. Speaking of animals, Kira busted out a cover of Animals by Nickelback. This version was fast, furious and above all else, they made it their own. In short, Nickelback wishes they sounded as good as this band.

Mississippi Swinging segways into ZZTops Tush which concludes the main set. But they’re not done yet.

The encores consisted of Kira Mac’s audition song for The Voice UK, Nothing Else Matters by Metallica. Hearing this in person, it’s so easy to see why she was picked by Will.I.Am as it’s stunning. This is then closely followed by the single Dead Man Walking, which left the audience wanting more. 

Kira is one of the best female vocalists out there right now. So much, strength, and power with the added knowledge of not overreaching so she can hit every note perfectly, and everyone is a bullseye. She’s flawless, and the band she has behind her is insanely talented. Her bass player is a joy to watch as well.

This was the 1st night of the tour and if this is an indicator of what she has in store for the other dates,  she’s going to rip the roof off every venue. 

Catch her while you still can in an intimate venue, as I have a feeling, the next tour she won’t be. 


11-date Tour (inc. Planet Rockstock)

20th Nov          Bannermans, Edinburgh

22nd Nov          Trillians, Newcastle

23rd Nov          Yardbirds, Grimsby

24th Nov          Waterloo, Blackpool

25 Nov             The Rigger, Stoke-on-Trent – SOLD OUT

26th Nov          Asylum, Birmingham – SOLD OUT

27th Nov          Patriot, Crumlin – SOLD OUT

29th Nov          Nightrain, Bradford

30th Nov          Bullingdon, Oxford

1st Dec             Grace, London

 2nd Dec            Planet Rockstock Festival

For all things Kira Mac, click HERE, to purchase the album (which you should do by the way) click HERE


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