KREATOR – Release 20th Anniversary Edition Of “Violent Revolution”

KREATOR – Release 20th Anniversary Edition Of “Violent Revolution”

29th October 2021 0 By John Deaux

German thrash metal gods¬†KREATOR¬†are proud to announce a very special¬†re-release of their 2001¬†masterpiece “Violent Revolution” for its 20th anniversary! The reissue of “Violent Revolution” is scheduled for a January 21, 2022¬†release through¬†Nuclear Blast Records¬†and it will include a huge selection of assorted live bootleg recordings, grouped together under the name “Bootleg Revolution.”¬†The 20th anniversary edition of “Violent Revolution”¬†will be available on various formats, including Digital Album, CD Jewelcase, CD Digipak, Double LP, Cassette and a Ltd. Edition 4LP+2CD Boxset, which will also include an exclusive¬†KREATOR¬†comic book called¬†Graphic Violence – Chapter 1.”¬†

To give you a taste of the “Bootleg Revolution” material, which has been recorded in¬†countries like Brazil, Korea and Istanbul & on German Festivals like Wacken and Waldrock – please check out the video clip for “Servant In Heaven – King In Hell¬†(Live In Brazil)

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“Violent Revolution” Tracklist:

01    Reconquering The Throne
02    The Patriarch
03    Violent Revolution
04    All Of The Same Blood
05    Servant In Heaven РKing In Hell
06    Second Awakening
07    Ghetto War
08    Replicas Of Life
09    Slave Machinery
10    Bitter Sweet Revenge
11    Mind Of Fire
12    System Decay

Live Bonus Tracklist:
01    Violent Revolution (Live in Brazil)
02    Reconquering The Throne (Live in Brazil)
03    Extreme Aggression (Live in Korea)
04    People Of The Lie (Live in Korea)
05    All Of The Same Blood (Live in Korea)
06    Phobia (Live In Korea)
07    Pleasure To Kill (Live in Korea)
08    Renewal (Live in Korea)
09    Servant In Heaven РKing In Hell (Live Brazil)
10    Terrible Certainty (Live in Korea)
11    Riot Of Violence (Live in Korea)
12    Terrorzone (Live in Brazil)
13    Betrayer (Live in Brazil)
14    Lost (Live in Brazil)
15    Coma Of Souls (Live in Brazil)
16    Flag Of Hate (Live at Wacken)
17    Tormentor (Live at Wacken)

Bootleg Revolution” Tracklist:
01    Violent Revolution (Live in Brazil)
02    Reconquering The Throne (Live in Brazil)
03    Extreme Aggression (Live in Korea)
04    People Of The Lie (Live in Korea)
05    All Of The Same Blood (Live in Korea)
06    Phobia (Live In Korea)
07    Pleasure To Kill (Live in Korea)
08    Renewal (Live in Korea)
09    Servant In Heaven РKing In Hell (Live Brazil)
10    Terrible Certainty (Live in Korea)
11    Riot Of Violence (Live in Korea)
12    Terrorzone (Live in Brazil)
13    Betrayer (Live in Brazil)
14    Lost (Live in Brazil)
15    Coma Of Souls (Live in Brazil)
16    Flag Of Hate (Live at Wacken)
17    Tormentor (Live at Wacken)
18    Violent Revolution (Live in Istanbul)
19    Reconquering The Throne (Live in Istanbul)
20    Extreme Aggression (Live in Istanbul)
21    People Of The Lie (Live in Istanbul)
22    All Of The Same Blood (Live in Istanbul)
23    Phobia (Live in Istanbul)
24    Servant In Heaven РKing In Hell
       (Live in Istanbul)
25    Terrible Certainty (Live in Istanbul)
26    Riot Of Violence (Live in Istanbul)
27    Betrayer (Live in Istanbul)
28    Flag Of Hate (Live in Istanbul)
29    Tormentor (Live in Istanbul)
30    The Patriarch (Live at Waldrock)
31    Violent Revolution (Live at Waldrock)
32    Reconquering The Throne (Live at Waldrock)
33    Extreme Aggression (Live at Waldrock)
34    People Of The Lie (Live at Waldrock)
35    All Of The Same Blood (Live at Waldrock)
36    Phobia (Live at Waldrock)
37    Pleasure To Kill (Live at Waldrock)
38    Renewal (Live at Waldrock)
39    Servant In Heaven РKing In Hell
       (Live at Waldrock)
40    Flag Of Hate (Live at Waldrock)
41¬†¬† ¬†Tormentor (Live at Waldrock)This “Violent Revolution” re-issue will be available in the following formats:

–¬†Digital Album¬†“Bootleg Revolution
  (Live In Brazil, Korea, Wacken / Live In Istanbul / Live At Waldrock)
–¬†2CD Digibook¬†incl. Live Bonus CD (Brazil, Korea, Wacken)
–¬†1CD Jewelcase
–¬†2LP Gatefold Solid Black¬†
–¬†2LP Gatefold Solid Red¬†
–¬†2LP Gatefold Marbled Clear/Red¬†(EMP Exclusive)
–¬†2LP Gatefold Splatter Red/Black¬†
–¬†BOX SET¬†including 2CD Digibook (Album & Live Bonus), 2LP (Album), 2LP (Live Bonus; Brazil, Korea, Wacken), 1CD Slipcase (Live In Istanbul), 1CD Slipcase (Live At Waldrock), 20 page Comic Book “Graphic Violence – Chapter 1”

As the 21st century was born, so Kreator underwent what was nothing less than a seismic creative rebirth. By this time, the iconic German band had released nine studio albums in the 1980s and ’90s, which had established them as one of the most important metal names of these decades.In the first period, they had helped to shape and pioneer the thrash scene through such releases as ‘Pleasure To Kill’ (1986), ‘TerribleCertainty’ (’87) and ‘Extreme Aggression’ (’89). During the following decade, the band had opened up exciting horizons of experimentation on albums like ‘Coma Of Souls’ (1990), ‘Renewal’ (’92) and ‘Endorama'(’99). Now, though, it was time to move into a fresh era, as vocalist/guitarist Mille Petrozza explains. ‚ÄúDuring the 1990s, we were definitely experimenting with what the band were doing. But (drummer) Ventor and I decided that for this album ‚Äď our first of the new millennium ‚Äď we wanted to go back to the sort of sound that we had at the start of Kreator. In other words, to get back to the reason why we began the band in the first place.‚ÄĚ

There were some significant changes for this album, one being the fact that the band signed to SPV/Steamhammer.¬†There was also new guitarist introduced, as Sami Yli-Sirni√∂ (who had made his reputation with Finnish band Waltari) took over from Tommy Vetterli. The latter (also known as Tommy T. Baron) had joined in 1996 and played on the ‘Oucast’ (1997) and ‘Endorama’ albums.

As usual, it was Petrozza who did all the writing for the album.

The producer for this album was Andy Sneap, who was now making a name for himself as one of the pre-eminent masters of this art in the modern metal world. Pre-production was done in Essen at KKS Studios, before the band went to Area 51 Studios in Celle, near Hamburg where they recorded the drum and bass (handled by Christian Giesler)

The album title came from something Petrozza had read.¬†‚ÄúIn a book I came across a comment that John F. Kennedy said (in 1962). This was: “Those who make peaceful¬†revolution impossible will make¬†violent revolution inevitable‚ÄĚ. I thought ‘Violent Revolution’ would make a good title for an album. So, I kept it in my mind for this record. I think ‘Violent Revolution’ is a title that makes a real impact.

For the cover, Kreator turned to Andreas Marschall, who had done such a striking job on 1990’s ‘Coma Of Souls’ album sleeve.

‘Violent Revolution’ was released in September 2001, and became the band’s highest charting album to that point in Germany, as it reached number 38.¬†‚ÄúWe knew we had a good album, so in that way it wasn’t a surprise to see this do so well in the chart. But however good you might think your album is, you can never be certain how people will react to what you’ve done, and whether you can pick up new fans, as well as satisfy the older ones. So, I suppose there was an element of us being pleasantly surprised when we got into the Top 40 for the first time. But I have to give a lot of credit to our label. They knew exactly how to market and promote the album, and showed we had made the right choice in signing to them.‚ÄĚ

‘Violent Revolution’ is without question an excellent album. While in some ways it does hark back to the glories of the band’s earlier days, nonetheless it does not sound at all nostalgic. The performances and production values are very much part of the contemporary era, and the strength of the compositions themselves are of the highest values. Rising to the challenge offered by a new generation of ambitious metal bands, Kreator proved they were far from being a spent force. Unlike so many of their peers, here was a band who still had so much creativity to offer, and were also clearly excited themselves by what they were doing. And when you hear the band themselves enjoying the entire process, then you know this is a bona fide revitalisation.

‚ÄúI feel this is one of our strongest albums,‚Ä̬†says Petrozza with conviction.¬†‚ÄúWe took what we’d done on ‘Coma Of Souls’ and ‘Extreme Aggression’ but this wasn’t a case of repeating it. No, we added in modern metal elements to the sound as well. It was a new era for Kreator. A rebirth if you want to put it that way. And the start of what I would call our second career.‚ÄĚ

KREATOR / Violent Revolution, 2001
Mile Petrozza – Vocals, Guitars
Sami Yli-Sirniö РGuitars
Christian Giesler – Bass
Ventor – Drums

KREATOR will embark on a European co-headline tour alongside LAMB OF GOD in November & December 2022. 

State Of Unrest Tour 2022
with guests: Thy Art is Murder & Gatecreeper

18th Nov – Denmark – COPENHAGEN Forum Black Box
19th Nov – Sweden – STOCKHOLM Fryshuset Arenan
21st Nov – Finland – OULU Teatria
22nd Nov – Finland – HELSINKI Ice Hall Black Box
24th Nov – Poland – WARSAW Stodola
26th Nov – Germany – MUNICH Zenith
27th Nov – Germany – BERLIN Columbiahalle
29th Nov – Netherlands – TILBURG O13
30th Nov – Belgium – BRUSSELS AB
2nd Dec – Germany – LUDWIGSBURG MHP Arena
3rd Dec – Germany – ESSEN Grugahalle
4th Dec – Germany – SAARBR√úCKEN Saarlandhalle
6th Dec – Spain – MADRID Riviera
7th Dec – Spain – BARCELONA Razzmatazz
9th Dec – Germany – WIESBADEN Schlachthof
10th Dec – Germany – HAMBURG Edel Optics Arena
11th Dec – Germany – LEIPZIG Haus Auensee
Tue 13th Dec – LONDON O2 Academy Brixton
Wed 14th Dec – GLASGOW O2 Academy
Thu 15th Dec – BIRMINGHAM O2 Academy
Fri 16th Dec – BRISTOL O2 Academy
Sun 18th Dec – MANCHESTER Academy
20th Dec – France – PARIS L’Olympia
21st Dec – Switzerland – ZURICH Samsung Hall


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