Kuro – Neon

Kuro – Neon

5th June 2019 0 By John Deaux

If Baron Von Frankenstein was into splicing DNA as opposed to just casually putting body parts together, he would take 25% from Jesus and the Mary Chain, 25% from Marilyn Manson, 25% from Fudge Tunnel and the remaining from Nine Inch Nails. He would then end up with conjoined twins and that would be called Kuro.

The 4 track, 15 minute E.P that is Neon  is actually pretty good. The production, the song writing and the vocal delivery is really good. It just doesn’t have the soul or conviction of their peers

Out of the 4 tracks that appear on Neon, it’s hard to pick out a stand out track as they all blend into one. There’s not much to differentiate them. They all have the same quiet intro before breaking into a wall of techno and computerized sound. Think Marilyn Manson, The Golden Age Of Grotesque era. Particularly  the song, This Is The New Shit  but cut out the bite of John 5s guitar and you’ve got a pretty good understanding of where I’m coming from.

Sadly, this isn’t the new shit, it has indeed been done before and somewhat better.
[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=1671313746 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]

Score 5/10
Track List
1.Don’t Stop (Give It To Me)
3.Neon Demon
4.Tear It Down
. Label
Self Release
Release Date
4th June 2019

For all things Kuro, click HERE and to purchase the E.P, click HERE

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