Lauren Tate – Songs For Sad Girls

Lauren Tate – Songs For Sad Girls

6th September 2019 0 By John Deaux

Songs For Sad Girlsis Lauren Tates new solo album. Lauren is probably best known as being the front person of Hands Of Gretel. 

I’ll be totally upfront with you and say that I was kinda expecting Hands off Gretel musical styling, instead it’s a mix of country/folk infused rock songs. Loads of piano, really strong vocal performances and an abundance of angst ridden, pissed off songs. If Janis Joplin had a threeway with Pink and Lana Del Ray then you’d end up with Songs For Sad Girls. 

This record shows off Lauren Tate as not just a strong front person but as a proper singer, songwriter and a talented one at that too .

Lauren has this to say “My lyrics are honest and brutal with songs about domestic abuse, body image, feminism and fear of dying. I wanted it to sound like a girl writing in her diary, unapologetic and imperfect like real girls are.” Songs like What About The Kids, How Fucking Dare You, He Loves Me and He Wanted More are prime examples and not the easiest of listens lyrically.

Songs For Sad Girls
sounds as if it’s a very personal and cathartic album for Ms.Tate. It’s a wonderful album and I recommend listening to it whilst reading the lyric book for extra effect.

This isn’t just an album for girls

Score 8/10
1 Mondays Make Me Feel So Awful
2 Can’t Keep My Hands Off You
3 What About The Kids
4 Miss American Perfect Body
5 He Wanted More
6 He Loves Me
7 Naturally Born Bad
8 Bad Egg Blues
9 Baby On The Phone
10 Rock N Roll Radio
11 Monsters
12 How Fucking Dare You
13 Oh Na Na Na ( I Want The World)
14 Teddy
Release Date
20th September 2019
Trash Queen Records

For all things Lauren Tate, click HERE and to purchase the album, click HERE

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