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30th October 2019 0 By Mark Booth

The godfathers of black metal, MAYHEM, are back with their 6th album ‘Daemon’ unleashed upon us mere minions on 25th October 2019 (I know some will argue this is the 7th release, however am not counting ‘Deathcrush’ as an album. That is an EP…). As with MAYHEM albums this is a piece of cacophony hellfire that should be viewed as a whole, if you like a concept album. Each song entwines and enforces the theme that the band are expressing, this makes each new release from MAYHEM exciting as they evolve and invoke the listener to fully embrace each release. “Daemon” is similar to “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” as it deals in spiritual horror, where “De Mysteriis…” is primarily about Satan… “Daemon” is a fascinating retelling and view of hell from the eyes of its “Daemon” occupants.


MAYHEM have recently been extensively touring the 25th anniversary of their classic album ‘De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas’ and the spectre of playing those songs can be heard on ‘Daemon’. They have gone slightly full circle and similarities can be heard between the two releases, necrobutcher bass is high in the mix and is even the main driving force on songs such as (the brilliant opener) “The Dying False King” and “Everlasting Dying Flame” which is reminiscent of “Life Eternal” (Varg’s bass is also high in the mix of “De Mysteriis…”). While “De Mysteriis….” was cold, bleak and evoked terrifying imagery, “Daemon” is pained, bitter, enraged aggression. The imagery portrayed by this release is the pain of loss and eternal damnation, forever being damned and enraged at God for the suffering. MAYHEM don’t tell the caricature version of Hell, they portray it as the horrific landscape of unflinching eternal damnation, suffering and pain. Even Lucifer suffers because of God as he maybe the Lord of Hell, however unlike his angel brethren in Heaven he has to endure the torments of Hell.


While the music on “Daemon” is enthralling with the guitar work of Ghul and Teloch creating the fiery riffs that enforces the bleakness of hell as they entwine with disharmony, yet are harmonic. They create the illusion of Infernal damnation perfectly and this is accentuated by the precise hellfire drumming of Hellhammer. Hellhammer is viewed as one of the best drummers and its easy to see why with his playing twisting and turning in a heartbeat. Going from the aggressive driving force of the songs with blastbeats to a more avant-garde approach that creates the platform for the others to add the final torment and anguish to the songs. The final piece to this tale is the fantastic vocals of Attila who’s performance is the final brush stroke upon this masterpiece. You can hear the pain and anguish in his voice as he takes the listener on the doomed merciless journey through hell. His shrieks and growls tinged with the sorrow and misery he is portraying accentuate the music laid down by his band members.


Black Metal is enjoying a revival in 2019, however MAYHEM have come back to let everyone know that they are the true kings of the genre and take there place at the top. This release isn’t for the occasional fan of black metal, “Daemon” is a release to be fully embraced and you will be rewarded. The pacing of the album is fantastic and although the listener isn’t allowed any respite from the suffering, we have no uplifting melodies, you become absorbed into the sonic landscape oozing from your speakers and don’t want to be distracted from the retelling of true Hell. The production of the album is also beneficial to the theme with every riff clear enough to cut deep and the drumming of Hellhammer sounding natural and beautiful as it hammers home the true ugliness of Hell and Attila dispear


SCORE – 9/10

Track Listing

  1. The Dying False King
  2. Agenda Ignis
  3. Bad Blood
  4. Malum
  5. Falsified And Hated
  6. Aeon Daemonium
  7. Worthless Abomination Destroyed
  8. Daemon Spawn
  9. Of Worms And Ruins
  10. Invoke The Oath
    Century Media
    Release Date
    8th November 2019

    For all things Mayhem, click HERE and to purchase the album, click HERE


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