Nails – You Will Never Be One Of Us – CD Reveiw

Nails – You Will Never Be One Of Us – CD Reveiw

12th June 2016 0 By Malli "Metalhead" Malpass

Californian, musical brutality aficionados, ‘Nails’ are back with their 3rd album, the uncompromising ‘You Will Never Be One Of Us’. To simply describe this album as heavy would be an understatement, akin to “Hey that chainsaw to the oesophagus might hurt a little bit!”. It’s savagely brutal from the first note to the last. Each of its 10 tracks delivers devastating yet satisfyingly enjoyable punches to the ears of anyone brave enough to listen. This album expertly blends the break neck speed of Napalm Death with the infectious, head nodding groove of Entombed and employs a huge, crunchy guitar tone that sounds like a freshly sharpened band saw, ripping though solid oak. The drumming is all you’d expect from a release in this genre, manic blast beats, lighting fast kick drums and huge rolls, with the bonus of genuine feel, that adds to and excencuates the groovy elements. It’s this natural groove that’ll unquestionably make the mosh pits explode in a mass of fervid, moving body parts at live shows. All this coupled with a beastial, throat searing vocal, means that ‘Nails’ have produced a masterpiece of extreme music that’ll only add weight and validity to their rapidly growing reputation as a force to be reckoned with.

This album is clearly not for everyone and is certainly not chart material but that’s not what ‘Nails’ are about. I believe that this type of music speaks to something almost primal in our minds. It’s untamed, ferocious and ultimately aggressive, making it more of a multi-sensory experience, than just listening and hearing. ‘You Will Never Be One Of Us’ is at the pinnacle of extreme metal and deserves a place alongside the greats that inspired it. In short, ‘Nails’ have nailed it.

Rating 10/10


Record Label

Nuclear Blast

Release date

17th June 2016


Nails_-_You_Will_Never_Be_One_of_Us01- You Will Never Be One Of Us 02- Friend To All 03- Made To Make You Fall 04- Life Is A Death Sentence 05- Violence Is Forever 06- Savage Intolerance 07- In Pain 08- Parasite 09- Into Quietus 10- They Come Crawling Back

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