ORINOCO – What A Relief (EP)

ORINOCO – What A Relief (EP)

10th March 2020 0 By Mark Booth

USA based ORINOCO have unshackled their latest release ‘What A Relief’ onto the masses and continue the hard/death core beat down. This EP is a short, sharp shock to the senses and the pulverizing beatdown seems like a flurry of sustained attacks and is over in just under 15 minutes. Musically ORINOCO err more on the hardcore side and this is the main driving force, with a heavy dose of death metal added to the mix to galvanize the assault even further. They even sprinkle in some influences from early KORN to beef up the tracks. While the vocals are clearly camped more in the death metal flavor.

ORINOCO don’t bring anything new to the table, yet what they do bring is a stellar release that will whet the appetite of their fanbase and also give new listeners an insight into what they can expect from future releases. Nothing spectacular, just a good solid beat down.

SCORE – 6/10

Track Listing
1. Dissolve
2. Weak
3. Sheets
4. Mimic
5. Waste

Release Date:
1st March 2020

To purchase the E.P, click HERE



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