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OTHERWISE¬†have announced their new album¬†GAWDZILLIONAIRE,¬†to be released on¬†March 10¬†via¬†Mascot Records / Mascot Label Group. To coincide with the news, they’ve released the lyric video for the snarling monolithic new song,¬†The band starts a 12-date tour of the US with Drowning Pool today. Tickets¬†HERE.


Whether you desire success or even just survival, the fight never stops. You start swinging at birth only to finally rest at death. If anybody knows how to fight, it’s OTHERWISE. “Honestly, we have lived every single note and each fucking lyric we’ve written,” exclaims Adrian Patrick. “We’re bringing some serious issues to light.”


The Las Vegas quartet‚ÄĒAdrian Patrick [vocals], Ryan Patrick [guitar], Nick Bedrosian [bass], and Joe Conner [drums]‚ÄĒhave weathered personal tragedy and trauma, withstood the tides of the industry, and stood tall.¬†


“Everybody is going through shit‚ÄĒwhether macro and socio-economic or with their relationships. We needed to present it all in a bigger picture. At the same time, it’s fun‚ÄĒwhich is why we came up with this¬†Gawdzillionaire¬†character who’s present in us and all around us. Who controls us from within? Who plays the game we’re a part of? That’s the¬†Gawdzillionaire. We are the type of people who will not give up on the message. It has been instilled in us by our immigrant parents. We’re not going to give up on fighting the good fight.”


Throughout 2022, they have staged over a hundred appearances, including shows with Godsmack and Buckcherry. They also managed to power through their fifth studio album, bringing in producer Matt Good [Asking Alexandria, Hollywood Undead]. They’ve already released three songs from the album; “Full Disclosure”¬†is their “what you see is what you get” roar, whilst¬†“Coffins”¬†dives into capitalism.¬†“Exit Wound”¬†deals with the aftermath of depression as Adrian shares, “I’d be lying if I said I’ve never sat at the end of my bed with a bottle of whiskey in one hand and a pistol in the other. The toll that life can take on you can be unbearable at times, but the beauty is in pushing through it.” Ryan reflects, “I’ve dealt with depression and doubt for many years. To me, ‘Exit Wound represents standing up, dusting the dirt off, and wearing my scars proudly. It is ok to not be ok.”¬†¬†


“‘¬†New Way To Hate’¬†is confronting the divisiveness of our current socio-political landscape in the world,” Adrian says. “Largely in part to the slanted approach of mainstream media. Fear is the tactic, and unity is the enemy.” They collaborate with Las Vegas heart-hop artist Ekoh on “Gawdzillionaire” and Heidi Shepherd of groove-metallers Butcher Babies on “Paradise.” On “Failure”, they touch on a personal note, “Our dad is an immigrant who became a university regent,” explains Adrian. “The crazy old pit bull used to say¬†‘Failure is not an option to us’¬†all the time like a mantra. I want to instil it in my sons. It’s a message for them to never give up themselves.” Elsewhere on the album is the gothic-tinged jackhammer of “Exorcism” and the raucous cover of the Blind Melon classic “No Rain.”


Over the past decade, they’ve clawed their way through the rock ‘n’ roll ranks with a catalog that includes¬†True Love Never Dies¬†[2012],¬†Peace At All Costs¬†[2014], and¬†Sleeping Lions¬†[2017]. The quartet have also previously enlisted high-profile friends in Ash Costello (New Years Day) on¬†‘Heaven’¬†(True Love Never Dies)¬†and Jonathan Davis (Korn) on the self-titled track on 2017’s ‘Sleeping Lions’. Their signature anthem, “Soldiers,” has amassed 70 million Spotify streams. Meanwhile, 2019’s¬†Defy¬†kickstarted another chapter. “Crossfire” eclipsed 6 million Spotify streams, followed by “Lifted” with 4.5 million Spotify streams.


OTHERWISE are fighting to inspire change in the world at large. Ryan and Adrian lead the 501c3¬†Life By Music, which supplies music programs with instruments. They visit schools, initiated a partnership with Gibson Guitars, and created the¬†Guitar Magic¬†coloring book. “Hopefully, we’re creating an empowering environment where kids get the spark like I remember when music affected my soul,” Ryan goes on. “There’s nothing like seeing that. It’s cooler than anything we’ve done. It brings back the purity.”


“Now I’m losing my youth, Redefining the truth, Now I’m more than just one, I’m a father, a son, I’m just like you, I’m just trying to find what I’m leaving behind, Everything’s not what it seems, In this American dream, But I can tell you that it’s worth it just to hear ’em scream, Someday you’ll know what I mean, Living the lessons you’re learning from me, But I can tell you, boy, nothing in this life is free”
Full Disclosure, OTHERWISE…inspiring change, through their lens.
Track Listing

1. Full Disclosure 
2. Exit Wound
3. New Way To Hate
4. Failure
5. Coffins
6. Hollywood Minute
7. Gawdzillionaire (feat. Ekoh)
8. La Familia
9. Paradise (feat. Heidi Shepherd)
10. Exorcism
11. Camoplage
12. No Rain

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