SATYRICON & MUNCH Exhibition to Open on April 29 at MUNCH Museum in Oslo

SATYRICON & MUNCH Exhibition to Open on April 29 at MUNCH Museum in Oslo

27th April 2022 0 By John Deaux

In a unique collaboration with the world famous Munch museum in Oslo, SATYRICON have created a musical composition in album format specifically to be experienced in a new exhibition called Satyricon & Munch alongside selected paintings and graphics by Edvard Munch. Not only does this continue to present Munch’s extraordinary work in a new light, but the result is also a monumental yet intimate experience.

The intersection of Munch’s expressionist images and SATYRICON’s music creates a space for contemplation that goes way beyond the traditional form of black metal. Like Munch, SATYRICON’s approach is open, inquisitive and constantly evolving. The music is stamped with an unmistakable signature, but the piece’s style, duration and expressiveness display a new angle on their previous work.

“I don’t paint what I see, but what I saw”, was how Munch explained his own artistic approach,’ says Satyr. “While working on this music, I have approached this series of Munch’s works in the same way. “The feeling they have left behind in me“, as he put it, is what I have been trying to evoke, and that’s what the Satyricon & Munch exhibition is all about for me.’

The Munch artworks selected for this exhibition draw on existential themes, and are carefully curated in order to create rhythms and waves that work in tandem with the music.


  • ‘In this show the public can look forward to an incredible meeting between music and art,’ says MUNCH director Stein Olav Henrichsen. ‘MUNCH will continue to offer challenges and surprises with these types of untraditional and exciting culture-clashes.’


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