Spill Sixteen – Let It All Hangout

9th April 2013 0 By Matt Farrington

Let it all hangout

Band: Spill Sixteen
Album: Let It All Hangout
Record Label: Self Released
Release Date: 2012
Reviewed By: Matt

Track Listing:

 1. Doing It Tonight
 2. On My Way
 3. Come With Me
 4. So Cruel
 5. Lovedrunk
 6. We Stand Alone
 7. Damned
 8. All The Same
 9. You Make Me Cry
10. By You
11. Kick In The Face
12. One Way To Go



Sheffield band Spill Sixteen have released their debut album “Let It All Hang out” on their own label. The album is straight up loose ballsy blues based Rock and from opener “Doing It Tonight” the mood is set, this is a feelgood record with honest integrity and good solid based power to match. “On My Way” follows before single “Come With Me” with it’s singalong chorus and grinding guitars.

Ballad “Lovedrunk” follows and its showcases depth which is impressive whith overwhelming choruses towards the end. Back to the straightforward rock with “We Stand Alone”,  Vocalist Steve Church has a distinct tone which complements the guitar sound of JJ and Andrew Mewse. Bassist Indy Chanda and Drummer David Byrne complete the beats the sounds rest on. I could go through each track but I’d rather you check them out for yourself. The Album isn’t as polished as some but the beauty of this is in it’s raw delivery.

A strong foundation to build on, and an excellent band – go see em live, you won’t be disappointed.

Score: 7 out of 10

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