Static Abyss – The debut studio album of eerie Death/Doom metal depravity from Greg Wilkinson and Chris Reifert of US gorelords, Autopsy

Static Abyss – The debut studio album of eerie Death/Doom metal depravity from Greg Wilkinson and Chris Reifert of US gorelords, Autopsy

14th February 2022 0 By Jon Deaux

Static Abyss’ debut studio album, ‘Labyrinth of Veins’, presents an unnerving, multi-layered eerie concoction of dirty doom and death, Chris Reifert states the album themes are to “explore the echoes of insanity manifested through human existence.” The result; a sinister onslaught of, at times, slow and bludgeoning brutal metal whilst at others whipped into a storm of chaotic vile hysterics. The spirit of Autopsy is at times present in the truly titanic riffs swathed in chilling atmospheric guitar leads, whilst Chris’ seemingly bottomless pit of morbid inspiration from the dark & twisted corners of life permeate the release with his highly distinguishable delivery to further the descent into madness. 

The band have released the first track – “Jawbone Ritual” accompanied by a lyric video created by Matthew Vickerstaff – watch here

 (‘Labyrinth of Veins’ was recorded at Earhammer Studios in Oakland, CA, & Great American Music Hall, with engineering, mixing and mastering overseen by Greg himself. With the cover art appears courtesy of All Things Rotten. 

On 22nd April, Labyrinth Of Veins will be released on CD, black vinyl LP with printed sleeve including full lyrics and digitally. PRE-ORDERS AVAILABLE HERE (

Labyrinth Of Veins tracklisting  

  1. Feasting On Eyes [03:48] 
  2. Nothing Left To Rot [03:49] 
  3. You Are What You Kill [01:39] 
  4. Mandatory Cannibalism [04:51] 

. Labyrinth of Veins [06:23] 

  1. Jawbone Ritual [04:46] 
  2. Contort Until Death [02:51] 
  3. Tectonic Graveyard [04:05] 
  4. Morgue Rat Fever [02:11] 
  5. Clawing To The Top Of The Dead [05:17] 

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and in Autopsy news …

With the band having just played their first show in two years, a debut for new bassist Greg Wilkson, Chris Reifert offers a little update “After a 21st century induced temporary hibernation, Autopsy is back in high gear fine tuning a live set for shows that will hopefully happen as well as working on material for a new full length album. A lot of bands like to say how heavy their new stuff is but we’re going to be the first to say that if our new album doesn’t kill you, you’ll get your money back. The only catch is if you get your money back we have to kill you.

Between Static Abyss and Autopsy the amount of skull liquifying that is going to happen in 2022 is going to be ridiculous.” 

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